CPQ Assessment For Selection & Hiring

A quick overview on how powerful the CPQ can be for placement and the pre-screening process.

CPQ Pricing:

Single CPQ $125

CPQ Volume Pricing:
10 CPQ's $105
25 CPQ's $95
50 CPQ's $85
100 CPQ's $75

100+ CPQ's
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50% of your salesperson’s success is based on aptitude. The other half, is based on education and training. Therefore, it is crucial to know your salesperson's aptitude when considering the individual's placement and hiring. The CPQ helps you define your candidate’s aptitude by evaluating their basic eight personality traits. Once the scores for the basic eight personality traits are known, they can be used to determine the candidate’s compatibility for up to thirty different jobs. A good hiring and placement decision will greatly impact your business, so make sure you are using the CPQ test to its fullest.

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