Special Announcement - ASHER Strategies adds Stretch to Success Development Manual to CPQ Solution

Enhancing the CPQ for stronger results and review processes

CPQ Solution Enhancements Include:

  • Stretch to Success Development Manual
  • Additional Certified CPQ Specialists to assist with Results Reviews and Demonstrations
  • Upgraded CPQ online system to better protect you and your candidates' information

Stretch to Success - The developmental manual for understanding, coaching, and improving your candidates' performance

The Stretch to Success Development Manual is our answer to a common question we hear from our clients specifically looking for Outside Sales Hunters. That question is, "Now that we know where our candidate is outside the ideal ranges, do you have specific actions they can take to stretch these areas of their personality?" Our answer to this question is now, "Yes, by looking up their high or low traits in the ASHER Stretch to Success Development Manual."

This 133 page manual gives you the power to:

  • Define the 16 Extreme Personality Traits (eight extreme low and eight extreme high)
  • Describe the Challenges that come with each Extreme Traits - and how those challenges relate to sales positions.
  • Identify Specific Red Flags - to watch out for if you have that extreme trait
  • Outline Specific Tactics to Stretch this Extreme Trait - so you may benefit from the strengths but not suffer from the blind spots that typically are associated with each extreme trait.

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The online CPQ assessments include consulting from the sales training experts at Asher Strategies to help you with a plan to take the results into action. Request your sample CPQ sales assessment report today so you can see first-hand the value it can provide to your sales team!

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