What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? – Hot Business Sales Training Topic

Business Sales Training

The concept of emotional intelligence continues to gain traction among business sales training experts. As I have cited in previous posts, surveys and studies online point to HR professionals prioritizing applicants with higher emotional intelligence rather than traditional IQ. Continue reading

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Sales Training Workshops Grow Your EQ Using the APQ Sales Aptitude Test

APQ Sales Aptitude Test

We’ve all known the super intelligent person who, despite their high IQ, was socially inept. When a person like this tries a career in sales, they usually fail, even though they might memorize every possible close and objection-handler verbatim. Continue reading

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The 3 Simplest Closes Sales Training Seminars Should Teach

best sales training seminars man writingSome sales people have turned closing into an art form. They seem to dance with prospects, rather than try to beat them into submission. They ask the right questions, artfully – maybe even seductively– steering the conversation towards the mutual agreement we call the close. Continue reading

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How to Ask for Referrals from Top Sales Training Programs

“Average salespeople just don’t ask for referrals.” Kyla O’Connell, Senior Sales Trainer for Asher Strategies, shares this truth and a few other tidbits on referrals in this video below. Watch it (it’s less than 2 minutes long) and then continue reading below for more tips on asking for referrals, a skill all top sales training programs emphasize. Continue reading

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How the Navy Helped Me Create Business Sales Training for Washington DC Professionals

Business Sales Training for WashingtonWhen you are in a submarine several hundred meters below the surface of the ocean, any mistake can be potentially catastrophic. Especially when you are powered by a small nuclear reactor and are carrying nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and torpedoes.... read more

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How the Best Sales Training Seminars use Role Play to Make Killer Sales Teams

Best Sales Training Seminars

The average sales trainer does not devote sufficient time to sales role play. This is a mistake which causes about 90 percent of the information taught in seminars to fly out the window within about three months’ time. Continue reading

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Find the Hunters vs. the Farmers at Asher Corporate Sales Training Seminars in Washington DC

Most sales organizations benefit from having two distinct divisions: inside sales and outside sales. A typical setup is where the inside salespeople receive the inbound leads from the corporate marketing team’s efforts, while the outside salespeople go out and “hunt” for the business through personal visits, networking, and cold calling. Continue reading

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4 New Things Both Hunter and Farmer Salespeople Look for in 2017 Corporate Sales Training

Despite their differences, each type of salesperson shares plenty of things in common, including things each looks for in corporate sales training. With so much changing in the sales profession thanks to technology, both inside and outside salespeople need corporate sales training to stay current and relevant. Here are 4 new things both types will likely be looking for in 2017 training curricula. Continue reading

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Top Tips for Getting High ROI from Your Next Sales Training Workshop

If you have ever put your staff through an expensive sales training workshop and were less than impressed with your return on investment, you are not alone. Even though your salespeople might have returned to work all fired up, you probably experienced a quick sag in enthusiasm and little application of all the knowledge they acquired. Continue reading

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The Best Sales Training Seminars Incorporate Selling Skills, Role Play, and Aptitude Assessment

The best sales training seminars fit a lot into a limited amount of time. As the lines continue to blur between marketing and sales roles, demand increases for even more content to be squeezed into workshops. Continue reading

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