Sales Skills Reinforcement

The following Reinforcement Training Strategies are included in all training seminars to maximize probability of retention and use.

  • New information is relayed six times in six different ways to ensure retention. Communication Theory (part of neuroscience) says that if you want a new idea to stick and be used, you must introduce it and then reinforce it six times in six different ways.
  • All ASHER seminars are interactive and include role playing exercises so that the students get to practice using the skills learned, see how they are effective and thoroughly understand how to use them in their selling efforts in the future.
  • Executive and Management Teams are included to increase buy-in of new skills and processes and to reinforce them after the training.

Skills Reinforcement Tool & Services

Top Ten Selling Skills Videos. Buy all 10 Skills and review one skill per month during sales meetings.

  • Show the video of the skill (two to five minutes depending on the skill)
  • Ask for examples of how salespeople have used the skill and the success that followed so as to share best practices with the rest of the salespeople.
  • Ask who has not been successful with the skill and as a group discuss potential causes and ways to improve.

One day Skills Reinforcement Training. Usually scheduled three to six months after the initial seminar

One-Day Sales Negotiations Training. Sales skills are reviewed along with learning new sales negotiations skills

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