ASHER Strategies
Management Team

ASHER is built upon the vision of John Asher and has sought to bring on the very best talent to the team. Each member brings a specific set of skills to help provide you with excellence in training, consulting, marketing and execution. Click to view full bios.

Asher Strategies Sales Training Team
John Asher

John Asher
Chairman, CEO and Master Facilitator

Kyla O'Connell

Kyla O'Connell
VP of Business Development, Senior Facilitator/Coach

Christy Soderlund

Christy Soderlund
APQ Director/Sales Trainer

Kim Bialozynski

Kim Bialozynski
Director, Client Growth Strategies

Debb Borchardt

Debb Borchardt
VP, Asher Client Services

Amy Sawyer

Amy Sawyer
Director, Business Operationss

Neal Lappe
Senior Sales Consultant and Facilitator

Steve Johnson
Senior Facilitator

David Potts
Sales Trainer and Business Consultant

Kris Jaggard

China Team

Zhixin (Simon) Guo
President of China Operations

Dan Dan (Danni) Wu
General Manager (Asian Pacific Operations), Facilitator

Xueting (Tina )Zhang
Administrative Manager

Rui (Rose) Li

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