ASHER Sales Consulting Testimonials

ASHER's clients include start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies around the world.

"Perfect. A complete program for sales success. Best sales training ever."
— Bruce Duerr, Senior VP for Sales Development, Great Northern Corporation, Green Bay, WI

"Well organized and well presented with references and “proofs” that it really works."
— Marion Borowiecki, TEC Group Chair, The Executive Committee (TEC), Baltimore, MD

"I learned many useful skills; how to research prospects, develop relationships, ask questions, listen, and watch for buyer shifts and how to close the sale."
— Jill Hayssen, President, Integrated Billing System, Oak Creek, WI

"I learned more useful information in 2 days than my 4 year marketing degree."
— J.D. Morrison – Business Portfolio Manager, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, San Diego CA

"A terrific seminar. We need to get the right people in the right jobs. All of our new sales people need this training."
— Jay Bruber, CEO, SIMEKS, Inc., St. Paul Park, MN

"First class training! Great overview of the basic concepts and lots of ideas for making professional
selling a process."

— Bob Doig, CEO, Doig Corporation, Cedarburg, WI

"Fabulous! Most useful was understanding the “best practice” sales process."
— Paul Kassab, President, Sun State Nursery, Jacksonville, FL

"Top grades across the board. Sales theory combined with practical application and numerous reference material referrals. Other sales people in our organization could use this training."
— Jonathan McVety, President and CEO, Enkei Florida, Jacksonville, FL

"Mind opening. Made me realize what we are doing wrong and how to fix it."
— Felix Nazario, SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego CA

"Excellent. Very helpful for sales, sales management and marketing. Our other sales people
need this training."

— Bill Nathan, CEO, Auto Body Jobbers Warehouse, Inc., Paterson, NJ

"Great! I am excited about implementing these tools and techniques. I learned many ways to be more effective with warm leads and closing new opportunities."
— Melissa Hong, President and CEO, Visual Solutions, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

"Top grades across the board. The exercises and group participation were most effective."
— Tommy Reinheimer, CEO, Veritecs, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

"Outstanding. Much new information to think about and practice. Most useful was the value of the handout and the seminar leader’s ability to get everyone engaged and involved."
— Chuck Tellas, President, Milan Screw Products, Milan, MI

"Excellent. Valuable. Well organized. Handout full of best practices, studies and research."
— Ann Sabbag, President, Health Designs, Jacksonville, FL

"Your sales training is responsible for the 60% increase in sales and 70% increase in profits that our organization enjoyed during the past year."
— Kevin Gallagher, Vice President, Information Technology Group – Aegis Research Corporation

"Amazing! An hour later, we had several nuggets of opportunity, changed the rest of our presentations to meet the prospect’s needs and ended up with five million dollars of new work on the spot. My most sincere thanks for changing the way we do business development."
— David Cooke, President, Pivotal Insight, Inc.

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