CPQ Sales Assessment - Delivering Amazing Insight on Your Team Potential Hires

The CPQ Assessment has been Replaced with the APQ Sales Assessment

The APQ Sales Assessment is the next generation in testing and assessing your team and potential hires. Designed to improve sales performance, coaching and turnover, this 81-question sales assessment saves time and money.

New APQ features:

  • Dynamic Team Reporting
  • Coaching & Development Reports to increase Individual & Team EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • New Job Titles and Positions recently added
  • Personalized Invitation Email Options
  • Real-Time Notification of Completed APQ Assessments
  • Customized Account Management Tools
  • Enhanced Anti-Gaming Methods resulting in Higher Accuracy Results
  • And Much More!
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CPQ Pricing:

Single CPQ $175

CPQ Volume Pricing:
10 CPQ's $150
25 CPQ's $135
50 CPQ's $125
100 CPQ's $115

100+ CPQ's
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The Sales assessment is a series of 75 questions designed to pull a person's scores, on a scale of 1-100, for each one of the Eight Basic Personality Traits. Those eight scores are then overlaid on a chart that highlights specific ranges within each trait where success was found most often for that specific position.

Download sample report and see for yourself

For example:
For an Outside Sales Hunter position the range for success for the Goal Orientation trait was found to be a range of 60%-90%. If a person scores within the 60%-90% range for Goal Orientation, research has proven the person should be successful where attributes from this trait are used for this position.

Each trait score is compared to the ideal ranges where the research proved success in that position.

Each position will have different ranges for success but the participant's eight trait scores will not change therefore giving a compatibility score derived from how often their scores match the ideal ranges for each trait for each position.

Download a sample assessment and see the results for yourself.

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