The APQ Sales Assessment

What it is, and how it delivers amazing scientific insight on your team & potential hires.

Simply put, the APQ is THE tool that top sales teams rely on to consistently hire and build sales teams that Close Deals Faster...Learn how building a top team can be predictable and repeatable.

How It Works

1. Give the Assessment

Potential hires, or existing team members take the 20-25 minute survey, that prevents 'gaming' for the 'right' answers.

2. Traits Mapped

Answers provided are scored against the 9 key personality traits on a scale of 1-100.

3. Review the Reports

These scores are then compared to the ideal scores for over 20 different job profiles to identify compatibility.

4. Hire, Coach, Excel

8 Different reports provide detailed insights and actions including follow-up interview questions, coaching exercises and traits to train.

Simple, Easy to Understand Forced Choice Style Questions

The Sales assessment is a series of 81 questions designed to pull a person's scores, on a scale of 1-100, for each one of the primary personality traits and secondary trait mapping. Those scores are then overlaid on a chart that highlights specific ranges within each trait where success was found most often for that specific position.

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Scientifically Developed Based on the Latest Personality Studies and over 1 Million Completed Assessments

Large scale correlation studies, combined with expert research and ongoing improvements make it a proven tool to evaluate job success and prevent 'gaming'.

Designed for Hiring with Recommended Interview Questions For Nearly Any Position

Understand your candidate's strengths and weaknesses BEFORE the interview. And, know the exact questions to ask that will uncover their ability to succeed.

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Get Specific Actions to Improve Your Existing Team Instantly

Sales coaching assessments have been around for many decades, but none are as comprehensive in the reporting or as accurate in correlating to sales growth as the APQ.

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Kevin Gallagher, Vice President, Information Technology Group Aegis Research Corporation

Taking A Mediocore Team To Record Sales

After implementing the APQ into our sales hiring process, went from flat to +15% growth quarter over quarter. The best tool I've used as a sales manager.

Kevin Gallagher, Vice President, Information Technology Group Aegis Research Corporation

NEW: Craft Learning Aptitude Survey - Measuring Intelligence to Hire Top Performers

The CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey (CLAS) is 35-item, learning aptitude test measuring general intelligence factors, and is the only instrument of its kind to measure both the speed and accuracy of an individual's learning aptitude or intelligence. This is ideal when using the APQ for Hiring and Selection.

"Intelligence is the major determinant of job performance, and therefore hiring people based on intelligence leads to marked improvements in job performance - improvements that have high economic value to the firm."

Why Does Intelligence Predict Job Performance?

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Download Your Assessment Success Guide & Detailed Sample Reports Today!

The detailed sales assessment delivers vital insight into candidates' (and existing employees) natural aptitude at sales, service, hunting, farming and other positions that drive growth.

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Perfect. A complete program for sales success. Best sales training ever.

Senior VP for Sales Development, Great Northern Corporation

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