Correlation Studies Prove Pre Employment Aptitude Assessments Can Predict Growth Rates

Implementing a pre-employment aptitude test program in your company can be one of the wisest investments you could ever make.
There are many reasons for this, but one of the primary ones is to avoid making a very expensive decision: hiring someone without natural sales aptitude.

Avoid the $250,000 sales hiring mistake

An employment aptitude assessment can help you hire the right person. Hiring the wrong person who lacks the natural ability to sell can cost a large B2B sales company up to $250,000.

It usually takes at least 6 months to figure out that it is the wrong person, plus several more to go through the HR process of firing the person and hiring a replacement. During that time, plenty of expense is incurred in onboarding, training, payroll, benefits, taxes, meal and entertainment accounts — you name it.

But perhaps the biggest financial drain caused by hiring the wrong person without a pre-employment aptitude assessment lies in the lost opportunities that would have closed had a competent person been in the position in the first place.

Even worse, a poor salesperson can chase existing customers and prospects away, leaving a negative gain compared with just leaving the position empty!

High sales aptitude equals higher growth

Over 60 correlation studies show that natural aptitude is the most significant factor in predicting sales success.

In one case, the top 26 sales people in three different companies were all tested with an employment aptitude assessment. They then underwent a sales training regimen, and the results speak for themselves:

  • In the first company, only 3 out of the top 26 tested high for sales aptitude. They showed a mere 4 percent increase in sales for the year.
  • In the second company, 7 out of the top 26 tested high for sales aptitude. They experienced an impressive 30 percent increase in sales — a figure most companies would gladly pay substantial amounts of money to achieve.
  • In the third company, results were most telling. Here, 14 out of the 26 top salespeople tested high for natural sales aptitude. And the results were nothing short of amazing — a whopping 70 PERCENT INCREASE IN SALES!

We witness results like these over and over, which is why we suggest making the small investment of testing all current employees and future prospects the first step when building a top-notch sales team.
Yes, we mean even before sales training!

Using Assessments to Target and Improve Sales Coaching

Pre-employment aptitude assessments are useful not only when selecting new hires, but also for use in ongoing coaching.

Those with high natural sales talent usually have traits that can be tweaked to derive even greater success. When this is done across the board, companies enjoy an extra boost in sales — an average of 10 percent above and beyond their initial testing and training gains is typical.

The APQ delivers insightful reporting specifically designed to assist with improvement and coaching. It provides a plethora of tools to enable continued improvement through one-on-one coaching that celebrates strengths while stretching the blindspots into more favorable performance

Here are some of the reports delivered with each APQ:

Compatibility Chart

  • Shows the candidate compatibility score for the role
  • Gives a job description of the role selected
  • Shows the primary traits and their relation to the ideal/moderate/low ranges
  • Provides follow up interview questions for the "red zones"

Snapshot (Sales/Non Sales/Management options available)

  • Defines the nine primary traits and displays the candidates score low/mod/high
  • Defines ten secondary performance traits that are a combination of 3 or more primary traits. Used to help further understand how to manage the individual
  • Defines your personality type: Reflective "Thinker," Directive "Driver," Expressive "Communicator," or Supportive "Helper"

Coaching Report (available for sales or management)

  • Includes descriptions of the nine primary and ten secondary traits
  • Provides in depth coaching recommendations for each of the primary traits, highlighting strengths, challenges and coaching recommendations

SalesBuilder Report

  • Identifies your selling style and learn to "match" or "stretch" to your buyer's style
  • Identifies your four behavioral styles based on specific combinations of eight of the primary traits (*note: Good Impression scale is used for identifying your probability of "gaming" the results as well as assessing your receptivity to coaching and is not included the behavioral styles)
    • Temperament - Intensity & Need to Analyze
    • Ego Style - Drive for Recognition & Need to Serve
    • Social Style - Assertiveness & Interpersonal Trust
    • Primary Need - Independence & Optimism
  • Describes your Primary Personality Selling Style in depth with improvement opportunities and your natural response to stress.
  • Selling Versatility - Describes your most challenging buyer to sell to. Provides suggestions to adapt your strengths to communicate more effectively with your customer and make more sales

TeamBuilder Report

  • Similar to SalesBuilder but with an emphasis on communicating with colleagues instead of selling to buyers
  • Describes your four behavioral styles
  • Describes your natural response to stress
  • Tips for communicating with other personality types
  • Career recommendations

As an example, let’s say one of your top sales people has a high “Goal Orientation” trait. This means they tend to achieve their goals rapidly…but it also might mean they set unrealistic deadlines and are therefore stressing themselves out (and everyone else around them) unnecessarily.

Using the Stretch to Success model, one would use the coaching reports above to hone in on this and develop a method for slowing down a bit and avoiding rushing things through — while maintaining their high goal achievement level.

Pre-employment aptitude assessments are invaluable tools for those seeking to revamp their sales culture and drive revenue to previously unheard of levels.

It only takes a few minutes to get set up and started testing today. Our experts are standing by to help you with the process as well as coach you on how to get the best results from your testing and coaching program.
So what are you waiting for?

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