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Let’s face it: a sales training seminar will flop if the trainer is not engaging; even if the material itself is fine. It takes special skill and finesse to effectively train others, especially in subjects as complex as business-to-business sales training. An effective trainer has to balance education with entertainment in order to impress the important concepts into students’ minds while keeping them engaged.

One such sales trainer is John Asher.

Mr. Asher is the Chairman and CEO of Asher Strategies, Inc., a leader among sales consulting firms. Through his tireless efforts over the past 14 years, more than 1,200 organizations have improved their sales and marketing performance.

Since the day he founded the company, his aim has always been to improve the results of every sales professional he served, whether they worked for a SMB or an international conglomerate. To that end, he has assessed the aptitude, provided custom training, evaluated and improved the marketing processes, and advised on the strategic planning of over 50,000 sales professionals.

Mr. Asher is a personable, but not overbearing trainer — dynamic, energizing, and a top-rated speaker for Vistage, an International CEO training organization. His vast experience selling computer software and other advanced technology products, as well as engineering and professional services, allows him to spice up his interactive teaching methodology with real-life examples.

Real-life experience is invaluable for the principals and instructors of sales consulting firms, as this is the only way to know what is effective “in the real world” as opposed to just textbook knowledge. Mr. Asher’s other business credentials include being a founding member of the investment banking and growth advisory services firm Business Growth Alliance, as well as being the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Global Associates, Ltd. for 11 years, during which he transformed the company from startup to $50 million in annual revenues.

Rounding out his résumé, Mr. Asher holds a Master’s of Science in Administration from George Washington University and is a proud graduate of the United States Naval Academy, having received degrees in nuclear engineering and mathematics.

Asher Strategies is privileged to still be able to offer John Asher as a speaker for your next function. Let him “Wow!” your audience at your next sales meeting, motivational retreat, or other corporate affair with fully customized content to meet your goals.


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