Here are some of the factors to think about when choosing a sales consulting firm:

  • Experience with companies your size and in similar industries. Our many years of experience as sales training facilitators has shown us that while certain commonalities exist, each industry really faces its own distinct pressures and sales challenges. Working with a sales consulting firm that has experience across many different industries, and with companies ranging in size from SMBs to those with global footprints, assures you that they will know what to do to improve results regardless of your size or the products or services you sell
  • Proven ability to adapt their consulting solutions to your unique opportunities and issues. Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all training programs don’t make sense. Instead, choose a company with a proven ability to diagnose sales issues and design remedies which address problem areas while simultaneously bolstering areas where existing strengths lie. Avoid a firm which has a “new broom sweeps clean” approach, which can alienate your people and actually demolish existing revenue channels — a fatal mistake.
  • Breadth of consulting areas. Don’t be limited to “just training” or only improving sales processes or sales management. Instead, choose a firm with a holistic, thorough approach, with broad expertise in all the areas needed to truly turn things around — from unique sales aptitude testing to sales compensation planning, to new business capture. This will ensure that, rather than just putting a Band-Aid on your issues, that the root causes where you are not succeeding are explored and attacked from multiple vantage points for a much more effective “cure.”

If you are considering hiring a sales consulting firm for your business, let’s talk. Asher Strategies has a proven track record in tailoring sales programs for companies in many different industries. Over 1,200 companies and 50,000 salespeople have gone through our sales training, consulting, and aptitude testing programs and have improved their bottom lines, and we’d love to do the same for you.

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