Made or Born? Sales Aptitude Importance to Success

October 13, 2015

Sales managers and executives should rely more on personality tests to make hires. The use of aptitude tests for employment purposes begins a new M.O. that builds stronger sales teams and prevents incompetent people from entering your ranks. This article explains how a prescreen sales aptitude test boosts a sales team and the customers it serves.

Can an Aptitude Test Predict Sales Performance?

It has been estimated that 50 percent of sales success is based on a salesperson’s natural aptitude. Either a person is born with a natural talent for sales, or not. Anyone that can read and memorize text material may earn a degree related to sales, but that will not necessarily make them an asset to the team.

The benefit a sales aptitude assessment provides a company is that it will allow the organization to wean out candidates that articulate well and appear strong intellectually, but lack skills and/or personality characteristics needed to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know every team member you hire has a natural aptitude for sales?

Which Aptitude Test Should I Use?

Employers, colleges, and the military have used aptitude tests for years and found the results to be accurate when scores and success rates are compared. It is difficult to identify whether a sharp individual who contains a good resume and confident presence will actually prove beneficial for your sales department. The only way to be sure your prospective team member will excel is to uncover whether they possess sales aptitude by using a pre-screen employment assessment.

Keep in mind there are numerous aptitude tests and personality inventories that may be found online, so be cautious.  The Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) that we use is a popular hiring assessment in the sales community. Sales hiring tests have been around for years, but in our opinion none are as comprehensive in the reporting or as accurate in correlating to sales growth as the CPQ.

Some reasons why we believe this to be the best hiring assessment tool include:

  • Matches personality to job roles at a granular level
  • Predicts employee satisfaction and growth by addressing weaknesses
  • Fills positions with a blend of personality types (thinkers/doers)
  • Lowers training costs
  • Lowers employee turnover

Stop Blind Recruitment!

It is vital that your company no longer suffers from high turnover rates, lengthy training processes, and incompetent sales representatives. The CPQ used by Asher Strategies is a 75 question multiple-choice test that will protect your company and HR department from wasting time, money, and energy during the hiring process.

In conjunction with our sales training offerings, our system will fill a sales team with employees that have a natural knack for sales, are coachable, and more importantly, blend well together to meet all needs required of its customer base and each other.

For more information about Asher Strategies, the Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ), and creating a team of representatives that possess natural sales aptitude, please contact us here.