September 24, 2018

Are you planning an incentive trip for your salespeople? How about a special training course or company-wide team-building retreat? Regardless of the type of corporate event you are planning, hiring top sales keynote speakers should be something to consider when designing your agenda.

Sales keynote speakers can directly impact your bottom line in a way other speakers, such as famous authors or celebrities, cannot.

Let’s take a look at ten good reasons to consider hiring a sales expert to speak to your attendees.

1. Motivation

Pumped up salespeople generate more business, especially in the weeks following motivational talks by good presenters. Sure, a former president or a tennis star could provide some inspiration as well, but the difference is that sales keynote speakers specifically motivate selling actions, not just overall self-improvement.

If your event has anything to do with sales and revenue, this makes hiring a sales expert an even more compelling proposition.

2. Cost Effective

There is usually not enough in the budget for everything you want to include in your meeting or retreat. One expense which can vary wildly from one offering to another is your choice of keynote speaker. Obviously, its going to cost quite a bit to get a widely recognized name, such as a former president or a movie star. You can get a better deal by hiring someone well-known in the selling industry who will cost much less and deliver content laser-focused to the purpose of your event.

3. Education

Beyond mere inspiration lies education. Once the senses have been stimulated and the passion to sell has been reignited, it’s time to provide the know-how to back it all up. Speakers well-versed in selling can teach the subject better than others.

This knowledge doesn’t have to come in the form of a dry lecture accompanied by a dull PowerPoint. It can come in the form of a video, or even a story which relates to the theme and topic. I find that salespeople learn best when they can relate the material to their own experiences – and stories about challenges overcome by other salespeople or other real-world content, tend to resonate the most.

4. Actionable

Another benefit which top sales keynote speakers bring to the table is actionable insights. What I mean by actionable is information which is applicable to day-to-day work and life, rather than mere feel-good philosophy. While both make for an excellent keynote, I feel that the philosophy/motivational part tends to fade away quickly, whereas the practical tips stick around much longer because they make their way into the daily routines of attendees.

Think productivity tips, closes and objection handlers, goal setting best practices, time management hacks and things like that. Very valuable to most sales people and executives.

5. High Interest

Salespeople are very interested in anything which can increase their sales and income. This makes sales-focused keynote speakers a more suitable choice when you want to hold the attendees’ interest during your keynote session. I don’t have anyone in the crowd tune me out when I am teaching them how to make more money, lol.

Sure, charm and humor add to the interest factor. But these are junior to content which matches what your audience really wants to hear about – and if it’s salespeople, it’s how to make more sales.

6. Retention

When you increase the value of your conferences with sales keynote speakers, you also increase the perceived value of your company from an employment standpoint. It adds cachet to your brand, because it shows your company invests in the personal and career growth of your employees far beyond a paycheck.

This all comes to mind when your employees are faced with offers from other firms. Even if their salary offer is higher, the value-adds and personal development benefits can keep them in your camp.

7. Better ROI

You can get a higher ROI when you choose the right sales keynote speakers for your meeting and conferences. Hiring a speaker is an investment and should be evaluated as one. This means, as mentioned previously, shelling out for a huge name might not be the best choice. Hire someone who can deliver the right message and convey it in a way that connects emotionally – as this will aid retention and application.

8. Group cohesion

People bond through shared experiences. Conferences are no exceptions, especially when there is a strong keynote speech which energizes and inspires. When strong emotions are shared among a group of people, those people tend to form lasting friendships and bonds. This is great for team-building purposes and connecting employees who might previously have avoided interacting.

9. Credibility

Adding a top-notch keynote speaker to your event adds credibility to it and, by extension, your brand. It makes employees want to attend and tune in, because there is obviously something important going on if the company went to the trouble to bring in an expert!

It also makes you look good to business partners and puts the pressure on the competition to step up or be left behind.

10. Shake things up

Finally, sometimes entire sales departments just seem to get into a rut. In-fighting, finger-pointing, sales slumps, politicking and generally low morale take their toll. A quick fix is to bring in a sales keynote speaker who can break up the monotony and shift the mindset of the group. Besides providing some motivation and actionable insights as previously discussed, just the change in scenery or hearing the message from a different “prophet” can turn things around and make for a more pleasant and productive work environment.

Top sales keynote speakers can provide more than entertainment for the 30 minutes or so they are on your stage. They can deliver real improvement in your sales force and your bottom line. Choose wisely next time you are planning your event!