March 5, 2013

At Asher Strategies, sales force consulting is something we are constantly evolving and improving on in order to help our clients make more money. Sales is the primary business driver in any organization, regardless of the industry, product, or service it deals in, and we feel strongly that sales consulting should be adopted by every enterprise seeking to “win” in business.

If you have never considered it, here are 10 reasons why your employees might need the services of a sales consulting company like Asher.

1. Incompetent salespeople can cost a fortune

The dollars lost through an incompetent sales force can be staggering. Putting your business in the hands of such a team can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue and opportunity costs.

2. Turn great performers into superstars

Sales consulting can be a sales “rocket booster” for a salesperson who is already good, giving her the tools to take her to superstar status with a huge book of business.

3. Build better teams

Sales consulting and shared training can truly build a team that speaks the same language and produces synergistic results.

4. Strengthen knowledge already gained

Perhaps your sales team has already gotten some training, but results are disappointing. Consulting can help employees use information that they “know” but haven’t put into practice yet.

5. Discover and blast away weak spots in salespeople

If a salesperson knew what was really wrong with him, it probably wouldn’t be wrong with him. In other words, it’s hard for a salesperson to correctly identify the faults in his sales process, so outside help is required.

6. Put people in the right roles

Face it — some people are born with it, and some will never get it and need to have their roles adjusted. Putting employees through the Sales Aptitude Assessment, part of our sales force consulting process, will illuminate who is best suited for various roles, such as inside sales, outside sales, sales management, and potential executives.

7. Look better to prospects

Prospects put their trust in trained experts.  Knowing that your sales force has gone through rigorous training can inspire confidence in them and get your people more appointments.

8. Reduce turnover

Hiring and training sales staff is an expensive proposition. With over a third of salespeople experiencing turnover every year, this amounts to millions in waste. Consulting can give your people the confidence they need to sell well and keep their jobs.

9. Buyers are more sophisticated and old “tricks” are no longer effective

The Internet has changed everything, and buyers are aware of the tried and true closes and sales approaches, many of which are stale and outdated. It’s a new era — make sure your salespeople are set to compete in it with the latest techniques.

10. Benefits far outweigh the costs

The large ROI of sales consulting and training is proven time and time again.

Our mission is to make Asher Strategies the premiere sales consulting company. Let us help you boost your sales today.