December 10, 2018

You want to close deals faster and increase revenue in 2019, right? Sales training workshops could be the key to achieving that goal. I know you have several options, from employing ASHER or the many others easily found through Google or Bing searches. In this post, I will give you some best practices for selecting a training firm and making the most of your sales training workshops, regardless of the vendor you end up choosing.

Go for at least a 500% return

Pricing varies widely among sales training workshops. How much should you spend? What is a minimum ROI to expect? A safe, conservative figure for competent sales training workshops is a 15% increase in yearly revenue for the reps trained.
If your sales team brings in $1,000,000 annually, it is reasonable to assume they will bring in at least $150,000 in additional revenue the year following training.
If you spend $25,000 to train that team, that’s a very good ROI of 500%

Inject your message

Smart businesses use sales training workshops for more than just educating – they also use them to reinforce company messaging. I’ve touched on this before in other blog posts, and it is worth repeating that employees often pay more attention to outside influencers than to their own leadership. If that’s the case in your company, take advantage of your sales training firm to deliver your messages.
For example, if you have had customer service issues and are running an internal PR campaign to “improve our image and relationships with our customers,” your training facilitators can stress to smile more, dress more appropriately, and express greater concern for customer issues as part of the training.
Injecting your message this way yields better results than a company memo or speech from a sales manager.

Train the best, not the worst

There is a tendency to train the mediocre salespeople so they somehow “catch up” to the better performers. It’s a waste of money. Most stay mediocre. This sounds mean but we’ve seen it over and over again in countless companies. It pays to train the better performers to become even better, rather than the weakest.
To be fair, some salespeople with natural talent are just in the wrong situation—such as having a difficult manager or being in inside sales when they would be best as sales hunters. You can spare yourself a lot of grief if you test everyone for sales aptitude. This ensures staff are in the right roles and will therefore benefit from sales training workshops geared towards their specific position. This is a fair system and can surface some diamonds in the rough who might transform into top performers with proper education.
Make 2019 your best year ever by investing in sales training workshops the smart way by using the three tips above. You will see a nice ROI, have your messaging delivered effectively, and train the people who really deserve it and will benefit most.