June 24, 2017

Business Sales Training

Business sales training is a must for any company, from small mom and pop shops to mega-corporations. Why? Because without the ability to prospect and close sales, there is no revenue – and cash is the lifeblood of every enterprise, large or small.

Seminars and workshops can be a significant expense, however, so it pays to boost whichever business sales training you choose to maximize its revenue-growing potential.

A few tips:

Test trainees first

With the Advanced Personality Questionnaire, you can avoid investing thousands of training dollars in people who will never use it because they lack natural sales aptitude. Instead, you can discover those best suited to your sales needs, whether you lean more towards inside sales or outside sales.

The APQ can also be used to identify potential sales managers, executives, and customer service reps. Nearly 30 sales roles can be tested and reviewed.

Incentivize learning

Once you have identified the best candidates using the APQ and the business sales training is underway, provide rewards to encourage people to pay attention and apply the material you are investing in. You can do a cash prize for the highest test score at the end of training, for example. Or, create other games, such as quick pop-up quizzes for Starbucks gift cards, “sales lingo bingo” for a new iPad, or new leather chairs for the offices of those demonstrating the most creativity in a role playing session.

Speaking of which…

Role playing

There is no better way to boost training than to engage with students in role play exercises. Sky’s the limit here: you can practice making initial contact at a trade show, handling common objections regarding your prices, or resolving a tough customer service issue.

Avoid putting people on the spot, but encourage at least one role playing session in front of the entire audience, so everyone can engage with the material (and someone can win a prize!)

Video Reinforcement

The best business sales training will have videos to reinforce training when everyone is back in their home office. For example, ASHER Selling Skills videos are abbreviated versions of the sales skills taught by John Asher and Senior Trainer Kyla O’ Connell in the top Ten Sales Skills Seminar. You can make these videos part of your weekly sales meetings, or have your salespeople watch them on their own time.

One-on-One Sales Coaching

Personalized, one-on-one coaching provides a terrific boost to any business sales training. In addition to providing refreshers on the workshop curriculum, private coaches can hone strengths and ameliorate weaknesses in both sales people and executives. Dollar for dollar, this provides the greatest ROI over any other method of boosting training when the coaching is competent.

Want to experience real growth in your business – fast? Then get world-class business sales training from Asher Strategies. We can incorporate every single one of the boosters above to your customized training regimen. Just contact one of our business training specialists today for a no-obligation, no pressure consultation.