August 23, 2016

All city capitals are nerve-centers of activity and commerce, and perhaps the most important capital in terms of power and influence would be Washington D.C.

It’s certainly a town where government and military interests are the major drivers of most business contracts and, as many of us already know, these institutions have a certain way of doing things. With all of the rules and regulations to navigate, the prospects can be daunting for a new business to take on themselves — and the right sales training can provide an advantage. Here is our take on five different ways we can improve business sales training in Washington DC.

Choose local

The best business sales training in Washington DC will be one familiar with the issues unique to the area. Through a synthesis of sales training, coaching, and a focus on the local area, the right corporate sales training will provide the subject with the ability to speak the same language as government buyers — and this is best attained by choosing a sales training firm with a local presence in the DC area.

Know the red tape

Regulations and bureaucracy in Washington DC are a fact of life. Of course there are countless regulations in many other parts of the country, the sheer volume and complexity of the hoops one has to go through hereis enough to make many newcomers bolt for easier markets. Business sales training in Washington would be incomplete without a strong grasp of how to comply with and deftly handle the protocols established for selling to the government and armed forces.

Prepare for fierce competition

As is the case in many highly complex markets, the reward-to-risk ratio is high. This climate creates some intense incentives among businesses to outshine one another and court that big government contract that will single-handedly put the company back in the black! Many of these salespeople get up everyday motivated to capitalize on those kinds of opportunities, and the best business sales trainingin Washington DC will drive that home and light that fire in the belly to close those deals.

Focus on relationships

Many of the best opportunities are going to come about by knowing the right people. Finding allies to make introductions (“coaches”) and networking is virtually the only way things get done in a timely fashion in the DC business world, and many of these buyers have long memories. A fumbled opportunity or faux pas can spread quickly along the grapevine and before you know it, it becomes very hard to reach a decision maker.Business sales training in Washington DC shouldhelp salespeople become socially proficientso they can secure appointments with the right people.

Embrace Mobile selling tools

DC power players are “connected” all the time via smartphones and tablets, and salespeople who are not well-informed of mobile selling tools to reach them are at a disadvantage. A big part of this is being active on mobile favorites such as LinkedIn Groups, Facebook pages and Twitter profiles your prospects frequent. Tools which increase productivity, such as Salesforce, Evernote, and Asana (project management), should also be stressed — especially with the extra-long runway to win a bid and the dozens or even hundreds of steps and requirements to keep track of during the process.

By improving these areas in corporatesales training, companies will be better prepared to survive and thrive in the high stakes, dynamic market of Washington DC.