October 6, 2017

Data-driven marketing has come of age, largely replacing the “go with your gut” methodologies of ages past as A/B testing reveals that one’s instincts are often wrong when it comes to influencing buyers.

For instance, the art department might instinctively prefer a “pretty” landing page design, while the one producing clicks and leads is actually the “ugly” one. Without a scientific approach, which includes measuring and comparing results, one flies blind.

The same can be said for sales. Asher is one of the only sales training companies focusing on scientific sales principles. And science is teaching us that selling to the old brain is more effective than appealing to reason.

The old brain?

The old brain, otherwise known as the emotional or reptilian brain, is extremely primitive, and yields tremendous power over our actions. It is the survival brain, the one which determines fight or flight. If you try to satisfy the new brain through logic and reason, without violating the primal needs of the old brain, you fail.

Selling to the old brain is a must. You have probably heard that people buy emotionally, and then justify it rationally later. This is the old brain and new brain in play.

Key techniques

When you engage in training from Asher Strategies, you will learn about this topic in-depth,

here are some bullet points on selling to the old brain:

  • Address the “What’s in it for me?” question, because the old brain is entirely focused on “me.” A charity doesn’t attract funds just because it helps others. It attracts funds because it satisfies the desire to help or get involved with donors – because this makes them feel good. A call-to-action asking the buyer to “Get Involved” typically performs better than “Sign Up Here” for that reason.
  • Keep concepts very simple. The corporate world is full of constantly changing jargon and acronyms. Avoid these and speak in plain English. Even if your buyer speaks only jargon, keep your own language simpler – the old brain does not grasp overly complex subjects.
  • Make your beginning and ending statements impactful. These are remembered the  most. Grab attention early, and leave a lasting impression.
  • Differentiate your company and offerings using clear contrast. “Our company is the only one that…” “Unlike other firms, we…” The old brain appreciates black and white, clear contrast.
  • Selling to the old brain is easier when you use visuals. Incorporate pictures and video into your presentations, rather than endless streams of text and figures.
  • Keep things exciting and dynamic. Emotions and energy wake up the old brain.

The above represent the six stimuli the old brain responds to best. There is a lot more to learn on this subject. Learn more every day as science makes new discoveries about the mind.

Watch me speak about how the old brain and emotional intelligence influence sales decisions in my keynote address at IES 2017. And please get in touch with us to learn more practical tips on selling to the old brain to boost your revenue.