July 7, 2017

I have heard from countless people over the years, “You should write a book.” The problem is,I really haven’t had much interest in writing or being recognized as an author.

However, I had a change of heart recently when I realized that I could reach many more people with a book than with personal coaching or sales seminars. Over 80,000 salespeople in 2,100 companies already use my methods to close deals faster, which is fantastic, but what if I could reach millions?

To that end, I set about putting a book together in between conferences and meetings, while waiting in airports and in my hotel room at night after my speaking engagements.

And September19th 2017, the fruit of this labor will become available for purchase. The title isClose Deals Faster,  and will be available in both hardcover and paperback.

Who should read the book?

Everyone in sales should read this book, inside sales or outside sales,and management teams will benefit as well.

The book makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for employees from executives, and I believe business leaders and entrepreneurs will also derive tremendous value from it.

Why should they read it?

There are literally thousands of books on sales and selling, and dozens of sales training programs. How is this one different? It’s different precisely because of all those other books and training programs who add to the discussion on sales, yet each one of them falls short in one way or another.

This book is the ONLY one that provides a robust, repeatable sales process for both business-to-business and business-to-government sales and is applicable to very large companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. These key sales tips are valuable to any business.

It incorporates key ideas from all major sales institutes and best-selling sales books into a unique, straightforward sales process with fifteen shortcuts to close deals and sales faster.

It also features the 10 classic sales skills that must be learned and honed by everyone in sales, plus new advances in neuroscience and how it applies to effective sales.

An endorsement

John Asher is a world-leading expert on what businesses need to do to generate materially improved sales results. He has absolutely mastered the art, science, and process steps any business needs to blend to achieve superior outcomes. Within many business books, you find complicated theory, arcane minutia, or foggy guidance in terms of how to translate the subject matter into improved business financial statements. Not with this book! I have had the pleasure to know and work with John Asher for nearly twenty years. I have seen the practical application of his know-how in dozens of businesses that have succeeded in improving their sales after receiving advice and guidance from John Asher.”

– James C. Bly, Jr., Founder, Chairman & CEO, Business Growth Alliance (BGA)

I hope you will buy my book when it comes out in September and use the knowledge contained therein to grow your business. And if you do, I would love to hear your opinion of it by leaving a review on Amazon or through the Asher Strategies contact us page. Happy reading (and selling)!