August 9, 2016

Whether it’s by trying to be as engaging as possible, being focused on interactivity, or providing tips on innovative tools, I am always looking to increase the value and timeliness of my sales training seminars. Sales exists in a constantly changing landscape, and the best sales training seminars should be responsive to that landscape.

Asher Strategies strives to be a leader in cutting edge content that is relevant to a modern sales force and can garner dramatic increases in leads and closed sales. Here are a few of the top tips from our recent corporate sales training seminars.

Use Crystal

Properly identifying a buyer’s personality type leads to better communication, and I have been using an app/website to help me with this before I even talk to a prospect. While there are already a number of apps and plugins that help with things like spelling and word choice, few actually assist with the actual tone of your messages to specific individuals — that’s where sets itself apart.

Marketed as a ‘personality platform’ and based on the DISC assessment, Crystal works by analyzing public data and a user’s online presence to determine that person’s unique communication style and suggest the most effective way to correspond. Using the Crystal platform you can analyze the activity of a prospective customer or colleague and find out which style of communication would be the most appropriate for them. From their website: “Crystal is a new technology built upon an age-old principle: communicate with empathy.”

Unlock LinkedIn

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn boasts over 400 million active users operating in over 200 countries. With such a wealth of information and individual profiles it is a go-to Website for networking, however few of us have really gone beyond the surface of utilizing this powerful tool.

If you are not actively working Linked Into get leads every single day, you are greatly missing out. We offer LinkedIn workshops which plumb the depth of what the platform is really capable of and helps you strategize effective approaches to utilizing its capabilities. This includes:

  • advanced search capabilities to seek out the best prospects

  • identifying coaches (insiders) that will advocate for you and actually help you sell. TIP: shared connections are an excellent source for finding coaches, especially if you offer a referral first.

  • research tips for your target accounts

  • rapport building skills via In-Mail, Discussion Groups and Content Sharing.

So, the moral is: spend more time learning what LinkedIn can do for your business.

EQ over IQ

Emotional intelligence has gone from buzzword to an invaluable metric by which we can measure strengths and weaknesses otherwise undetected in personality. The Association of Psychological Science claims aptitude testing is useful in predicting how individuals will perform down the road, and I can back that up with personal experience, having tested thousands of sales professionals.

The Advanced Personality Questionnaire we use can help develop your EQ by defining your dominant personality traits, and coaching you to s-t-r-e-t-c-h them to better deal with others and improve sales performance. Even without taking the test, you can self-recognize where your traits can be problematic and rectify. For example:

  • if you are very assertive and impatient, learn to slow down and listen

  • if you are docile, practice using power phrases

  • if you are very serious and task oriented, learn ways to show concern for others

Start focusing on your emotional intelligence and you will work better with others, and sell more.

From new tech to brain science, we try to keep our top sales training programs lively, informative, and full of valuable tips like the above. Join us at our next one!