January 25, 2012

Your sales training has helped you to identify your company’s products or services, and to craft a solid, persuasive argument. Is this enough to make you a truly effective sales person? There is one part of the equation that is often left out, and that is reading people. Understanding, and being able to tailor your approach to different personality typesrequires insight. It may also require an assessment made while in the midst of an initial encounter.
    Over the next several weeks, we will take a look at the 4 main personality types we evaluate, and will look at how to appeal to them for better sales optimization. First, we will examine the “Driver” personality.
      The Driver:
      This person focuses on the results, rather than the process. Their high Ego drive and low empathy can cause impatience and keeps them from being distracted by personal relationships. These are characteristics you’ll see in a Driver personality.
      • They tend to be dominating and competitive.
      • You’ll recognize them because they are often fast-talking, high-energy types who are impatient and have a short attention span.
      • These folks are results oriented and prefer to talk about the bottom line.
      • A Driver is decisive.
        Recognizing a Driver:
        When you have your first meeting with a prospect, scan their workspace or office to get a read on what type of personality they reveal. A Driver’s space will be formal, sometimes cold with few personal items.
          Their greeting will be formal and may lack charm. Watch them and take note of their facial and body movements.Driver’s will be non-expressive. You will note that they are direct and to-the-point. If you find they do a lot of the talking, it is because they typically have poor listening skills. They are also opinionated.
            Getting a decision from a Driver:
            There are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to selling to a Driver.
            • Use spoken, rather than written communication
            • Be punctual and precise
            • Maintain eye contact and exude confidence
            • Be clear, specific, brief, and to the point
            • Stick to the big picture
            • Come with organized support material
            • Let them control the sales interview and tell you what they want
            • Selling points – money, time, power, status, efficiency
            • Allow them to make the decision via choices
            • Tell them about other high-profile decision makers who do business with you.
            • Get in their space by leaning forward
            • Appear disorganized
            • Leave any issues cloudy or with loopholes
            • Talk about details
            • Emphasize a personal relationship
            • Exaggerate features or benefits
              Be sure to check with us next week for insights into another business personality type.
                For more details on this subject and it’s importance to your sales training, contact us today.