January 18, 2018

My new book, Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method,covers many tips on salesmanship and speeding up the sales process. It does presuppose that the reader knows the basics of how to close a deal in the first place, however.

If you do not know how to do this well, I recommend attending one of our sales training workshops. We travel around the U.S. to do them, and you can find the next one on our main website. You can also contract us to fly out to your office and deliver customized training for your firm.

In the meantime, I will share a few tips for not screwing up next time you are about to close the deal!


Getting tense when you ask the buyer to sign the contract or hand over a check will communicate “I am desperate” to the buyer. This will turn many potential customers away, because they’ll wonder if something is wrong with you or the deal.

If you are nervous about how to close a deal, focus on your breathing and slow down. Remember that salespeople talk too much, so it’s okay to keep quiet to collect your thoughts while the buyer is pondering your offer.

Use “feel,” not “think”

It is a mistake to steer buyers away from emotion and into logic, as that is not how they make decisions. Sure, give them the facts, but appeal to their old brain (read more about the old brain in other blog posts).

So try saying “How do you feel about this?” or “Do you feel you are ready to move forward?” rather than “What do you think?” The difference is subtle, but important.

Match body language

If the buyer is leaning forward (good sign), lean forward as well. If they are leaning back in their chair with their hands folded across their chest, subtly mimic them.

This technique in how to close deals brings about a sense of connection and agreement in a subconscious way.  People like others who are similar to them – it’s basic human nature. And people buy from those they like or trust more often than not.

Stop talking about the deal after the close

Once you get the agreement from the buyer, shift topics. Talk about the weather or something good in the news.  Too often, salespeople will get a deal closed, then keep talking about it and bring up things which cause the buyer to backtrack.

Don’t give the buyer an opportunity to get cold feet – make them feel good about what they just did and about you by relieving the pressure and changing topics to something pleasant or neutral.

If you want more tips on how to close a deal, pick up a copy of my new book (link to at the top of this blog post). Or contact us to set up your next training session with Asher Strategies.

How much money will you make when you close most of the people you try to sell something to? How will that change your life?

Nice thought, huh?