May 12, 2011

Sure, you make your sales quota every month. You are pretty well educated in your field and an expert in related fields. But what distinguishes you from the top salespeople? The top salespeople are trusted by the buyer to help advise them on any questions they may have. A customer knows that a top salesperson always has their best interest at heart and feels comfortable asking for solutions in non-related fields. The trusted advisor cares about the buyer and not just about the sale.

Which salesperson are you?


  • Your primary and first need is closing the deal
  • You tell prospects what they want to hear
  • You try to make everybody your customer

Then: You are an average salesperson.


  • You know that before the salesperson can buy your product, they must feel that they buy you
  • You let the prospect feel in control with conversational tools such as asking permission-based questions
  • You focus on adding value by providing solutions
  • You strive to be a trusted advisor

Then: You are a top salesperson.