February 2, 2016

It is arduous to develop a business development training course for your salespeople on your own.  While many large companies have done so, we do not recommend this because it is very easy to get quality third party training which saves time, money, and is highly effective.

 Another incentive for companies to partner with third party sales consulting firms such as ours to train their people is because of the outside perspective we bring. We teach the latest best practices in sales training, marketing, and process improvement because we are consistently in the field helping customers solve diverse problems.

 Several of the core principles in Asher Strategies’ business development training courses and how they boost sales, are outlined below.

 Five Factors of Sales Success

 The Five Factors of Sales Success form the foundation of our training philosophy.

 They are:

 1. Product Knowledge

2. Natural Aptitude for Sales

3. Selling Skills

4. Motivation

5. Sales Process

 Of the five above, product knowledge, selling skills, and sales processes are all easily taught through business development training courses. Natural aptitude (a “knack” for sales) and motivation are more difficult to develop. Read the next two sections to find out how we resolve this.

 Put the right people in the right seats on the bus

 Someone who does not possess the right skills for a position, or who isn’t a good fit with the corporate culture, often ends up terminated. This results in wasted company dollars and time. The CPQ (Craft Personality Questionnaire) is an aptitude assessment which helps avoid this by filtering out unsuitable candidates and providing insight on where your current people can do their best.

 One of our business development training course recommendations is to test everyone before enrolling them in a formal course. In this way, you hire those likeliest to absorb the training and generate sales in volume.

 Coach to success

 Another of our key tenets is that training is best followed up with individualized coaching to aid in both retention and motivation.

 Experts say we lose most of what we learn within just a few months. However, through coaching, students of business development training courses retain a large percentage of the material taught. This increases the ROI.

 Coaches also hold salespeople accountable to a third-party, increasing their motivation to perform well.

 Work the process

 Once natural talent and individualized sales training/coaching are in place, the last piece of the puzzle is to teach the formal sales processes used to generate prospects and move them methodically through the sales funnel. Without these processes, companies suffer from wasted leads through lack of follow up and accountability.

 This is easy to understand if you imagine a “team” of lone-wolf type salespeople who handle lead information in a different way, from spreadsheets to sticky notes. Without being entered into a CRM and sold step-by-step, these leads fall into a black hole – as do all of the marketing dollars spent procuring them.

 Business development training courses should stress formal sales processes as part of the curriculum in order to close the most deals.

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