January 10, 2017

Every time there is a new president, the business climate in Washington DC shifts somewhat. With the surprise victory of Donald Trump, the shift might be several magnitudes greater — based on his campaign promises to shake things up quite a bit in the nation’s capital.

Corporate sales training seminars in Washington will need to evolve and adapt to this new administration. Here are some key changes likely to occur, and the adaptations training companies will need to make in order to stay relevant.

Federal employees will enter the job market

Trump has promised to make big changes and one of the areas he is supposedly targeting is government bureaucracy. This means that federal employees who have long enjoyed privileges such as automatic raises, generous pensions, and a near “job-for-life” existence will find themselves possibly seeking employment in the civilian sector.

This could be a boon for sales recruiters, and corporate sales training seminars in Washington DC. They should prepare managers with tools such as the APQ aptitude test, for selecting the best candidates from a much larger pool of potential employees.

Lobbyists will be busier than ever

With so many potential changes to the status quo ahead, lobbyists will be jockeying for position in the race to influence lawmakers on behalf of their clients. Corporate sales training in Washington that addresses the needs of this special group of salespeople will do well. And make no mistake about it, lobbying is as much a sales job as is computer or automobile sales, so many of the techniques taught corporate sales people can be fitted to work for lobbyists.

Increased spending on the military and immigration laws enforcement

Trump has indicated he wants to increase the size of our military with more personnel, planes, ships and tanks. He also wants to beef up the Border Patrol by adding many more agents.

This can become a boon for firms who sell arms, computers and software, uniforms, ammunition, helmets, boots, two-way radios, and much more. Also benefitting will be the myriad service industries which provide countless support functions to our armed forces and immigration officers. Corporate sales training seminars in Washington DC should emphasize selling via contract vehicles and navigating the red tape involved with government sales to capitalize on these upcoming opportunities.

Whether you celebrated his victory or were taken aback, one thing is for certain: doing business in Washington DC will be markedly different under Trump than it was under any other president. His “outsider” status and expressed intent to drastically reform the federal government means that everyone in the capital city should prepare themselves for changes.

Change might make you uncomfortable, but it can also present new opportunities. Regardless of your personal politics, now might be a good time to seek some corporate sales training seminars in Washington which will enable you to profit from whatever happens here in the next four to eight years.

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