June 16, 2016

For those of us in companies that employ a large number of people, the concept of corporate growth will surely be a familiar one. The pressure to increase quarterly sales and make our companies more profitable is a very real and ever-present concern. The current economic and technological trends as well as globalization makes this a worthy challenge to meet. The competition is fierce and we are all looking for an edge.

While we are aware that corporate sales training workshops can have a pronounced effect on sales growth, they can also help your sales team in fostering the necessary growth mindset required for long-term success. Here are some of the things to look for in an effective sales training to trigger a corporate growth mindset.

Fixed vs. Growth

To understand the growth mindset, simply contrast it to its opposite, the fixed mindset. To an individual with a fixed mindset, the level of skill or intelligence they currently possess is sufficient for success. Encountering problems or setbacks can discourage them from reaching deeper to succeed or they just ignore the problems all together.

In someone with a growth mindset, a setback is just that — a setback. They use failure as a motivating factor and continue to examine issues until the problem can be solved. They have more elastic, creative ways of approaching setbacks and will keep working until they have overcome the issue; while a fixed mindset will feel attacked or belittled in the same situation. It basically comes down to seeing adversity as an opportunity to grow as opposed to a reason to quit.

Ready for Growth?

One of the immediate benefits the right corporate sales training workshop can provide is through the use of an assessment for aptitude testing. By using these tests, you can discover which employees are most ready to shift to a growth mindset and which employees are still in a fixed mindset. This means you can allocate resources to the employees most receptive to the training and reposition the others.

On The Same Page

To really accelerate the process of making the mental shift to a growth mindset and to ensure lessons learned are retained by the employees, it is important everyone get involved. That means executives and salespeople alike. Sales training workshops that uniformly instruct the entire team makes sure everyone is on the same page and increases the likelihood of success.

Know Your Goal

In comparison to hard sales numbers, measuring the growth mindset of your employees can be something of a daunting task with what seems to be more of an abstract concept. However, this can be overcome with top sales training programs that emphasizes employee feedback and creates opportunities for your team to share information and insights.

The Harvard Business Review used the example of Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 hours of practice” as an example of taking the abstract idea of mastering a subject and giving it a more concrete goal post. A good business sales training workshop will help your team flesh out goal posts of their own on their journey to developing a growth mindset.

This new and emerging field is already having profound impacts on the business world. By utilizing the right sales training workshop, you and your team can benefit from this dynamic growth mindset — and your bottom line along with it.