June 19, 2017

Sales Training SeminarsAs you research sales training seminars for your firm, you might wonder whether investing in a completely customized curriculum is worth it. Or, perhaps you should save a few bucks and get an off-the-shelf program and be done.

I’ve observed that when customized programs are used, engagement is greater and the material tends to “stick” better, which leads to more application and improved business outcomes. I estimate about a 50% greater ROI when compared with off-the-shelf curricula. However, not everyone really needs extensive customization. So which is the better choice for you?

Here are a few factors to consider when making this decision

Experience of Sales Staff

If you have hired a bunch of inexperienced sales people, from a job fair where you set up to find young, eager talent, any of the off-the-shelf sales training seminars you come across could be all you need. Hopefully you have vetted these trainees using the APQ sales aptitude assessment first, or you might be wasting those training dollars.

However, if you are looking for sales training seminars for a group of experienced folks, then customized sales training seminars are a better fit. These folks probably do not need tips on how to dress or what to put on their business card. They need advanced selling skills, and a customized program can focus on those rather than the beginner stuff.

Complexity of Your Product or Service

When your product or service is simple or inexpensive, such as photocopiers or a cleaning service, your sales process is likely to be simpler than a firm who sells complex B2B solutions which involve many stakeholders. For the former, a customized sales program might be unnecessary. But for the latter, it will be worth it to have a training program designed specifically to help market and sell that product or service. Just one sale can represent a large amount of revenue for this type of company, so it makes sense to invest in sales training seminars which offer the best chance at closing deals.

Salesforce Composition

Are your salespeople inside farmers or outside sales hunters? While the fundamentals of each role are the same, there are also plenty of specialized skills required to succeed in each. A one-size-fits-all approach might not work, and you should consider splitting each class of salesperson into separate training groups, each with its own custom or semi-custom curriculum. However, if you have general salespeople who do both floor/phone duty and prospect outside of the office, a regular program which covers all aspects of sales could be better than a specialized one.

Asher Strategies provides both standardized and customized training. We can take our standard sales training seminars and tweak them for your company’s needs at little extra expense to you, or we can design a completely personalized program. Please contact one of our training specialists for more information.