February 23, 2011

You’ve made the call and it went pretty well. But you’re not done yet. Following up is just as important as making the call and is a vital part of cultivating a good relationship with a prospect.

Make sure to not send everything in the first follow-up email. This will give you more opportunities to keep in touch in the future. Also, think about it on their end. They are most likely busy and if one email happens to arrive at a more hectic time of the day – you’re less likely to get through. Give them enough time to process the call but still quick enough that your conversation is fresh in their head. You should still be professionally persistent to win their attention.  You will be rewarded if you contact them more frequently than you think you should.

Keep it simple! When writing the email, try writing it shorter and with concise thoughts.

Be careful about attachments. Try to keep the content in the body of the email and stay away from putting it in an attachment. Be aware that few people actually take the time to open an attachment, much less read it.

Don’t be afraid to use rich media. People love to view media so if you have the opportunity to share an idea or use media to aid you in your thought process, use it! Videos on You-Tube and using sites like Slideshow.net for PowerPoint are great. If you send a link to the video, insert a brief description to spark their curiosity or tell them why it is useful.

Stay creative. Using creative email titles is greatly admired by your prospects. With a large scale of emails pouring into their mailbox, it behooves you to take the extra minute to create something a little original. At the same time, make sure it is a teaser for what the email will be regarding.

Always offer a value. To show how interested you in cultivating the relationship, offer a value with each subsequent touch. Continuing to show how much their time means to you by offering some sort of worth will go a long way.