June 9, 2017

APQ sales aptitude test

What are the factors that makes some salespeople perform better as inside sales farmers rather than outside sales hunters? It’s too simple to say things such as, “Well, inside sales people tend to be less aggressive and more caring, and outside sales people are “flashier” and completely ‘A’ type personalities.”

I know this because I have trained outwardly aggressive people who do just fine as inside sales people, and outwardly mild-mannered ones who excel at “making it rain.” There are obviously other factors at play, and that’s why the APQ sales aptitude test is a must-use tool.

Personality factors

The APQ sales aptitude test plots scores against the ideal personality factor ranges for about 30 job roles, from the aforementioned inside and outside sales agents, customer service reps, and sales managers. The main primary traits evaluated:

  • Intensity/Drive

  • Independence

  • Need to Analyze

  • Need to Serve

  • Assertiveness

  • Self-protection

  • Drive for Recognition

  • Interpersonal Trust

  • Optimism

There are 10 additional traits, the secondary traits. These 18 total traits paint an accurate picture as to whether a candidate is compatible with a specific job role, or would be better suited elsewhere.

In-depth report

The APQ sales aptitude test provides value far beyond providing scores. Each test produces a battery of reports which are useful for building emotional intelligence in test takers and the APQ provides coaching documents for managers to use.

Here are some of the features of each report:

Compatibility Chart – shows the candidate compatibility score for the role, the primary traits and their relation to the ideal/moderate/low ranges.

Snapshot (Sales/Non Sales/Management options available) – defines ten secondary performance traits that are a combination of 3 or more primary traits and defines personality type as: Reflective “Thinker,” Directive “Driver,” Expressive “Communicator,” or Supportive “Helper”

Coaching Report (available for sales or management) – in-depth coaching recommendations for each of the primary traits, highlighting strengths, challenges and coaching recommendations

Sales Builder Report – identifies selling style and informs how to “match” or “stretch” to your buyer’s style.

Team Builder Report – emphasis on communicating with colleagues, with tips for communicating with other personality types.

After administering the APQ to thousands of people, I can attest that there is no better way to get into your candidate’s head than the APQ sales aptitude test. There is no way you can glean these insights through personal interviews, resumes, or online research alone. The APQ is “battle tested” and has correlation studies to back it up – meaning if the test says someone is highly compatible with an inside sales job role, you can be highly confident that the person has the natural talent for that position. All that remains is to give them some sales training and they’re off!

You can be up and running with an APQ sales aptitude testing program in minutes. Simply follow the simple instructions on the aptitude testing signup pdf. And if you need any help or have any questions at all, contact one of our aptitude testing specialists.