June 19, 2015

When it comes to optimizing your sales team and boosting performance, a sales consulting firm might seem like the obvious choice. In fact, a quick Google search will net you thousands of professionals and firms claiming that they can catapult your business to the top ranks of your market. But like most aspects of business, sales consulting isn’t a magic pill. These tips will ensure you maximize ROI and get the most benefit from your sales consulting firm.

Find the Right Fit for Optimal Results

Just because a sales consultant has worked with big names or even within your industry doesn’t immediately make them the best choice for your business. While spending too much time researching can be just as costly as not researching enough, there are a few major considerations to make:

  • Do they fit your company culture?
  • What levels of the business do they reach?
  • How do they reinforce suggestions to achieve results?
  • Who have they worked with in the past?
  • Will you be an important client or a quick paycheck?
  • How long will it take to see results?
  • Who are their consulting superstars and will you be working with them?

With a little research, it is easy to limit your options to a few prime choices before making an investment as significant as hiring a sales consulting firm. Without the proper fit, you’ll never reach the ROI potential of your investment.

Establish Expectations to Achieve Results

Understanding the consulting process, knowing when and how to expect changes and being able to gauge where you are at in the overall process are important parts of creating benchmarks and working consulting services to maximum benefit. Discuss these issues upfront to prevent surprises. Explain the process to your teams and managers so that they are prepared. Work consulting around existing workflows and processes to minimize disruption.

Most of all, take note of how the sales consulting firm establishes expectations, how they communicate and how they work with the needs of your business in solidifying the process to get an idea of how they will perform once hired.

Stay the Course for Optimal Results

Sales consulting isn’t the sort of thing that produces results in hours or days. While you might notice some immediate benefits, the greatest return on investment will be long-term. Be sure that your sales consulting firm works with all levels of the business to keep everyone engaged and work real change and improvement within the organization.

If adoption is low, consider ways to optimize new routines and advice into existing methods to ease teams into new ideas. Reinforce training, assess results regularly and stay the course. If your sales consulting investment results in a stack of three-ring binders collecting dust in your cubicles, you’ll never see results.

A sales consulting firm is a powerful tool for squeezing performance out of even the most skilled sales team. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, there are services to fit any market. However, ensuring ROI is a key part of success. For more tips on finding the perfect sales consulting firm for your business, check out our post on comparing consulting firms.