May 15, 2017

Top Sales Training Programs

If I had to strip everything out of the top sales training programs except for ONE element, and still deliver content which packs a powerful punch for our client companies, what would this element be?

It’s a tough question because there is a lot of value in every piece; I think the element would have to be teaching about the SALES PROCESS.

Here’s why:

Having a formal sales process results in sales which practically close themselves.

Why sales processes are vital

Think about it. If you spelled out all the major steps which have to happen from the point a lead comes in to asking for the order, and could simply push people along to the next step in an automatic fashion…a great deal of them will close. That is the whole basis behind marketing automation software, right?

Now, before you get your feathers in a ruffle, I am not suggesting that salespeople are obsolete when you have a sales process in place. On the contrary, these are the folks who drive the train, and without them nothing happens.

A formal sales process, even a basic one learned at a sales training workshop, takes a lot of the guesswork and fumbling out of selling and instead allows for a great deal of creativity in how those steps are executed.

It’s like football

A formal sales process is like having a playbook in football. When everyone knows which play to play and executes it in proper sequence, touchdowns are scored. That is what the top sales training programs teach. But, if each of the eleven players on the field tried to score in whichever way he saw fit, there would be a great deal of scrambling around and little yardage gained.

For those who worry about stifling creativity: following the playbook does not stop some fantastic, creative football from taking place as players react to conditions in real time and use their individual strengths to make things happen.

Think of your corporate sales training process the same way – a guideline for doing things which allows for maximum progress with each lead, while still allowing for individuality in execution.

Develop your own

We have developed a sales process template which has been successfully adopted by companies as-is, and many more have used it as a basis for developing their own. We give you a copy when you attend our sales training workshops, and here are a few questions to ask when developing or retooling your own:

  • Which tools will you use to research prospects?

  • What information do you need to collect on each?

  • How do you calculate how much you will spend on pursuing a prospect and the expected ROI from the deal?

  • How will you discover mutual connections who can provide an “in.”

  • What will your initial contact methodology be?

  • Do you have proposed solutions and marketing messages ready?

  • What questions will you ask at the meeting?

  • What objections are you likely to face, and how will you overcome them?

  • What do you do after the sales call?

  • Follow-up plan?

Sales training workshops which focus on developing a sales process to the exclusion of everything else would be worthwhile investments, because the one BIG result will be a system which practically sells for you.

Of course, with Asher Strategies’ top sales training programs, you get a LOT more: from the Top Ten Skills of Super Salespeople to Customer Care Practices to Growth Strategies. To team up with Asher and dramatically increase your sales, please contact a training specialist today.