October 16, 2018

Sales motivational speakers, such as the late great Zig Ziglar and the very well-respected Brian Tracy, can produce life-changing benefits for those in attendance at one of their talks. From fresh outlooks on the sales profession to tips on how to close deals faster, great sales motivational speakers know what it takes to engage salespeople and motivate them to excel in their jobs.

This is why choosing a sales-focused speaker is a wiser choice than hiring a celebrity or sports star for most businesses – the ROI is greater because they are less expensive yet deliver information which can directly impact revenue.

Fun, exciting

You don’t have to jump around on stage, a sweaty, shouting mess to entertain an audience (sorry Steve Ballmer). If you have ever heard super pro sales motivational speakers deliver a keynote, you know they are anything but boring. Salespeople love to hear from experts in the game because they can get an edge this way. This makes these sessions very fun and exciting for attendees, which means they are going to pay attention throughout and you get your money’s worth.

Innovative content

The best sales motivational speakers deliver cutting-edge content. They can do this because they consult a lot of business leaders and usually train salespeople as well, so they keep their ears to the ground and continuously evolve using new sales technology and techniques.

As an example, and not to toot my horn too much here, but I think I am one of very few speakers who deliver keynotes and informational sessions regarding emotional intelligence and how it relates to sales success. This data, which teaches how to address the old, reptilian brain to spur more favorable decision-making from your buyers, is extremely pertinent to salespeople – and very few know about it. The point is, sometimes the best way to get the latest scoop is through a sales-focused speaker.

Practical advice

Another excellent quality most sales motivational speakers possess is the focus on practical, applicable advice and tips. They can take complicated topics, such as the latest neuroscience research or news on macroeconomic events, and chunk them down into easily understandable talking points.

The stories they tell all have a purpose, which is to increase relatability of the material with the audience so they absorb and can apply it. And most salespeople I know prefer this. We want information we can use, delivered succinctly, so we can get on with our day.

Personal growth

This last point, personal growth, is a real value-add. Obviously, you want to hire sales motivational speakers to fire up your sales team so that your revenue increases. Completely rational and a great idea. However, employees also appreciate the personal growth they achieve thanks to a speaker’s lessons. Everyone sells – all the time. Selling is getting ideas accepted and action is taken – and who couldn’t improve on this when it comes to their personal lives? Great information on selling extends benefits beyond the workplace and into relationships with friends and family, leading to better outcomes there.

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