August 2, 2013

Sales executives tend to be big picture types, working more on devising broad strategies, forecasting, and other long-term actions rather than rolling up their sleeves and directly working with sales personnel or clients (besides the occasional “VIP,” that is).

This can result in a gap between the executive strata and lower echelons, disrupting productivity and hurting morale as each camp forms its own opinion on the correct way to do things, especially if executives are too busy to attend the sales and marketing training courses they put their staffs through.

One tool to bridge this gap and bring executives up to speed is to provide them with personalized, one-on-one coaching.

Here are just a few areas where executive sales coaching can make a difference, trickling down through an entire company:

Sales Basics

Every sales professional should review the basics regularly. The problem is, most sales executives are simply too busy to go through a course. The answer is coaching, which will correct any weaknesses in the executive’s own sales ability and therefore improve buy-in from their staff on new initiatives.

Marketing and Advertising

Coaching on developing sound advertising and marketing campaigns will do a remarkable thing for an executive: it tends to fill up his company’s sales funnel with viable leads. And if there is one thing which can bridge a gap between salespeople and their bosses it is providing top-notch lead generation through great campaigns.

Leadership Training

Sales executives can be hit with a lot of confusion and other issues from their staff. Most of these issues come about because the sales team members are not being led to produce and are either left to their own devices or are being led down the wrong path by someone else.

Executive sales coaching can lessen these problems and put executives firmly back in the driver’s seat, leading their teams to revenue growth and expansion.

Strategic Planning

A good coach will help an executive become a better planner and strategist. After all, it is the executive who is counted upon to determine the broad direction of the sales group — and if the plan is poor, the result can be a terrible waste of productivity, money, and morale.

Asher Strategies can coach you in developing actionable and strategic plans which have a high probability of being successfully executed by staff, thereby making more money for everyone.

Leveraging Social Media

Frankly, it can be difficult to determine the ROI of social media marketing. Are all those status updates, tweets, and blog posts leading to an increased bottom line? For many companies, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

If you are not experiencing growth through social media channels, Asher Strategies executive sales coaching can teach you the most effective techniques used by other firms in your industry and provide the motivation to either newly launch or revamp your company’s social media efforts.

As you can see, executive sales coaching by the experts at Asher Strategies can improve your sales, decrease employee turnover, and cultivate high sales team morale. Contact us today for more information.