February 17, 2011

Doing a warm call can be a daunting thought. It is easy to get scared away and abandon the whole process. How would it feel to finally be at ease with these calls and hear “yes, I have time to talk more about this with you” on the other line? Here is 5-step process to keep you focused and making efficient calls:

  1. Introduce yourself: Yes, it seems like common sense but oftentimes it is easy to skip right to the core of things. Staying personal will allow the person on the other line to feel more open to speaking with you. On that note, try to find a balance of personal yet professional and stray from using first names on the first call.
  2. Say something to grab their attention: Offering something that will spark their curiosity is the hook that will keep them interested for more. Give them a solid answer for why they shouldn’t hang up right now. For example, mention someone that they know or something that you read that they might have ties to. Here’s a great tip: Google them to see if you can find a quote by them.
  3. State the reason for your call: Make sure to do this after or during the personal grabber. You may introduce a new product, describe how you can offer a valuable service for their business, or discuss how you can address their needs.
  4. Present benefits: Have a list made out to convey all of the great benefits to the buyer. Let them know what’s in it for them. Stay away from discriminators and make killer arguments like emphasizing how they can see an increase in ROI. Using percentages or dollar amounts for savings is a proven success tool!
  5. Request for time: You’ve sparked their interest – now make the sale! Ask if they have time to discuss this a bit more or if you can schedule a good time to talk more about this.

If you keep all of these steps to a brief and simple call – you’ll be on your way to feeling more at ease. The more comfortable you are with this process, the more you will see success. Staying conversational and unique to each call will make the caller feel that they are important to you. If you have a legitimate “grabber” and a ROI, you have a 90% chance of them agreeing to a discussion now.