February 11, 2011

Often times at the end of the workday, nothing seems to have gone the way you expected. With all of the unexpected surprises that the workday brings, it’s difficult to stay on top of what is important. Here are a few guidelines to help ensure that you make your day the most efficient it can be.

  1. Make a list. At the end of the day, make a list of all action items for the next day. That way, you don’t have to waste time the next morning trying to refresh your mind and get caught up. Make 2 separate lists – one for all action items needed to make a sale, and one for all other items.
  2. Manage your time – not your tasks. Allocating a set time for each task will keep you on more regimented schedule. Keeping one eye on the clock, will keep you from getting too caught up on one project and loosing sight of the broad scheme of things.
  3. Prioritize your action items. Be honest with yourself and number your to-dos in a list of importance. This will also prevent you from being overwhelmed.
  4. At the end of the week, analyze how you spend your time. Look back at your week in review and identify the top 3 things you did to make a sale. These should be your priority in you next week’s list. Decide if some actions can be delegated to someone else who may more efficiently complete these. Also, identifying any time that you wasted (including others) is a great tool for self-assessment.

By training yourself to really write down all goals and accomplished tasks, you are able to more effectively assess how to manage your time. Always leave time in your schedule for those surprising interruptions and communicate with your coworkers to create a successfully time managed environment.