October 5, 2018

How to be a More Persuasive Business Developer. Neuroscience Sales Techniques that Trigger a Buy Decision

October 16, 2018 | 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Learn how neuroscience holds the secret to understanding your buyer and why they do (or do not) buy. This isn’t just theory, but proven guidance on specific sales techniques you can put to use today to close deals faster.

New to neuroscience? It’s the science around how our brains work and what “lights up” based on the sales experience. Are you selling to the “new brain” (focusing on rational benefits and what your product/service does) without tapping into the power of the “old brain” (what controls our emotions and why we remember stories)?

Join us as our Sales Keynote Speaker, John Asher, shares insights on how you can “wake up” your buyer’s old brain and shorten sales cycle times, increasing your business development success.

Following his talk, he’ll be joined by a panel of business development experts to discuss practical applications.

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The Junior League of Houston 1811 Briar Oaks Lane Houston, Texas 77027

Featured Keynote Speaker

John Asher, CEO, ASHER Global Leaders in Growth Strategies

ASHER is a sales advisory services firm based in Washington, DC, with a global reach, focused on improving sales for business-to-business companies. We are the only global sales training company where every trainer is a former CEO. Our three training centers are in Washington, DC; Singapore; and Beijing.

We specialize in sales and training, coaching of sales

managers, strategic planning facilitation, and sales and marketing process improvement workshops. We also focus on sales aptitude by offering the

APQ, a sales assessment that helps select candidates ideally suited for sales and coach current team members to greater success. A little about John:

John was a captain of two nuclear submarines.
In his next career, he co-founded an engineering company. The company grew at a 42% compounded growth rate for 14 straight years.
In 1998 he started his current sales advisory services company. His team has trained over 70,000 sales people in 22 developed countries.


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