November 19, 2016

Salespeople are well-known for mixing business with pleasure. We take prospects and clients out for nice lunches, mingle with buyers at conferences all over the country, and take celebratory trips with sales staff members and executives when our company has had an especially good year.

Leaving your office can be revitalizing, and when you mix it with a bit of productivity, it’s a win-win situation: you get something done, and come back with a refreshed spirit.

Why not take this approach with your next sales training workshop?

Kill two birds with one stone

Coordinating time when a lot of busy salespeople can get away at the same time can be tough stuff. If you are planning on a getaway for the team, and also considering attending a sales training workshop, the logistics might not pan out to do both.

One solution is to plan your getaway (such as a reward trip for the team), and fly in the sales training team to the location at the same time. Devote one or two days to the training, and then let your people enjoy the remaining days with recreational fun.

Increase attendance

It is hard to say “no” to a sales training workshop when it is combined with a getaway to a great city or resort.

By joining the two purposes into one trip, you will get higher voluntary attendance. Of course, you could make the sales training workshop mandatory, but it helps to provide the incentive of some extra fun – you will hear a lot less grumbling from your salespeople and they will have better attitudes about the training overall.

Bond the team

Spending time together away from the office environment is great for bonding team members.

One word of caution: break up cliques. Top performers will tend to hang out with other top performers, and some salespeople might feel left out. You should include some activities where people who normally don’t socialize back home have the chance to interact more through team building sessions.

Role playing, contests, and games are all great ways to increase interaction among people who normally do not engage with each other. You never know, but some excellent friendships may result that lead to an improved work climate.

Save Money

Another thing to consider is the cost savings of combining a getaway with training. You only have to book one round-trip flight per person instead of two. The overall hotel stay will be a lot less. And most places will give you a deal if you book both rooms and conference space for the same dates.

Asher Strategies delivers world-class sales training across the globe. If you need help coordinating a team getaway with a sales training component, our experts are available to give advice. Contact us for a free consultation.