Determining the Closing Point: Learn to Recognize the Buyer’s Shift

June 15, 2013

You have arrived to your sales appointment on time. You are well-groomed and have prepared a solid, gee-whiz presentation on your iPad. After building rapport, you have listened earnestly to the buyer’s responses to your smooth, guiding questions instead of talking the prospect to death. Things are going great — until you try your close.... read more

Watch for Non-Verbal Cues to Help Close the Sale

June 11, 2013

Much has been written about the best things to say to close sales. Plenty of that advice is solid and works just fine, so I recommend that salespeople study as much as possible in order to learn new techniques for improving their results.... read more

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a CRM Software Solution Provider

June 5, 2013

One of the most important tools for a company seeking to become customer-focused, instead of product-focused, is customer relationship management (CRM) software. For many businesses, CRM software is their central platform for customer data, marketing campaigns, customer service notes, sales forecasting, and pipeline management — forming the core of all sales activities.... read more

Solution Selling: Beyond the Buzzword

June 1, 2013

Sales trainers love buzzwords. From the ubiquitous “trusted advisor,” to the (thankfully) retired “interfacing,” to the relatively new “challenger sales” and “insight sales,” it seems that there is always some new term that pops up that promises to revolutionize sales and wash the slate clean of the old methods.... read more

Are You Hiring Salespeople That Will Never Make It?

May 24, 2013

As I mention often when training and consulting, the idea that anyone can sell professionally is nonsense, just like the idea that anyone can play the cello or basketball professionally. While skills can be taught that improve performance somewhat — even in those with little natural sales aptitude — there should be some inherent talent present in order to really get anywhere.... read more

Three Powerful Closing Approaches for B2B Sales

May 22, 2013

The “close” is the moment of truth in sales: the time to test whether all of the massive amount of work and dollars spent in marketing, networking, developing coaches, making presentations, and strategizing to make the sale have been worth it. Done right and salespeople make money. Done poorly, and it means they go back to the home office empty-handed.... read more

3 Quick Tips for Prospecting Without Cold Calling

May 17, 2013

Cold calling has always been a pain point for sales people, due to the high rejection rate and the sheer amount of work involved in order to get just one viable lead. So, it is fair to say the practice faces some resistance. This is why salespeople who do cold-call dedicatedly can do so well — most salespeople are unwilling to do it long enough to get results, so cold callers have little competition.... read more

Put the Right People in the Right Sales Roles for Greater Success

May 13, 2013

Regular readers of this blog, as well as Asher Strategies’ clients, know that we take career assessment aptitude testing quite seriously. While training has a lot to do with sales success, it is nearly impossible to train someone who has little natural talent for the role they are in. They might make some improvement, but they will underperform and would probably be happier in another position.... read more

Top Sales Tips for New B2B Salespeople

May 11, 2013

For salespeople coming from the B2C (business-to-consumer) world, B2B (business-to-business) sales requires adjusting and adopting a slightly different skill set. The high dollar values involved usually make the extra work worth it, but also makes B2B sales even more competitive than B2C sales.... read more

How to Leverage Social Media in B2B Sales

May 8, 2013

Social media selling might seem obvious for business-to-consumer sales. After all, all you have to do is offer a discount coupon or conduct a fun contest to guarantee interaction, which if handled correctly, can lead to greater sales.... read more

The Power of Personalized Sales Coaching

May 6, 2013

When deciding what to look for in sales training companies, make sure that one of the offerings is private coaching.  In the sales training hierarchy, individual coaching tends to be the least utilized methodology due to its perceived cost and time commitment.... read more

The Best Way to More Sales is…

April 29, 2013

If there is one common dominator in sales success; one approach which is so foolproof that is should be etched in marble monuments and made the first thing anyone learns before even thinking about becoming a professional salesperson, it is the sentence below. Are you ready to learn THE BIG SECRET, the one which top sales training companies should be teaching if they aren’t already?... read more

Amplify Your Contacts to Get More Sales

April 26, 2013

How would you like to make more money — right now? Of course you would. Most salespeople dream of getting more sales and bigger commission checks. But I bet you one thing: most of them are simply not contacting enough people to make this happen. Or, they are not contacting the prospects they do have enough times.... read more

Tips for Selling to International Buyers

April 23, 2013

With an increasingly global marketplace, salespeople encounter international buyers on a regular basis. While this presents an excellent opportunity to expand territory and sales, it also comes with the possibility of miscommunication or even offending those you try to do business with if their culture is not understood.... read more

3 Surprising Facts about Salespeople

April 17, 2013

I consider that an education should last a lifetime, meaning you should never quit learning. Although I have been a sales trainer for a long time, I still consider myself very much a student, and relish finding new things to share with those interested in getting better results and making more money through improved sales techniques.... read more

How Sales Training Leads to Greater Profits

April 16, 2013

At Asher Strategies, we believe we are on the cutting edge of sales training. Admittedly, so do many other sales training firms. With so many claims out there , this can lead to not only a confusion in how to select sales training companies, but also to wondering whether sales training really “delivers the goods,” since there are many different systems.... read more

3 Ways the Internet Has Changed Sales Forever

April 11, 2013

The Internet has changed a lot of things, not the least of which is how prospective customers research and make purchases. While some “old-timers” might find this hard to deal with, we at Asher see these changes as training opportunities.... read more

Sales Tips and Tricks to Avoid

April 5, 2013

In the world of sales training, there are lot of opinions on what works and what doesn’t. In reality, the only way to tell is by testing something out personally and seeing if it results in more closed sales, higher commissions, and happier customers.... read more

Five Useful Sales Tips Blogs to Follow

April 2, 2013

The Internet is like an enormous encyclopedia, with close to 15 billion indexed pages as of this writing. This sounds great, until you realize that in order to find something useful, you might have to slog through a lot of irrelevant content. Sales tips blogs are no exception, and a query of “sales tips” returns a huge list of pages which may or may not be any good.... read more

Need a Bottom Line Boost? Fix Your Sales Process

March 24, 2013

Asher wants to help you boost your sales into the stratosphere, and so we take our sales training methodology very seriously. We have distilled the best information, from decades of experience as sales professionals and trainers, to come up with what we believe is the premiere solution for how to improve your sales process: the Asher Sales Improvement Roadmap.... read more

Sales Forecasting: How to Go From Wishful Thinking to Stellar Results

March 21, 2013

Sales forecasting is a vital planning tool for any organization. Despite this, many sales managers and their salespeople dread this activity. It might be seen as a waste of time or, worse, a potential threat to one’s employment if projections are way off base when compared with actual results.... read more

5 Sales Coaching Tips to Make Super Salespeople

March 19, 2013

Sales managers who seek better performance from their salespeople know that “sharpening the saw” is important, and that learning should never cease. Through constant coaching, good salespeople can become superb, leading to greater personal and company success.... read more

5 Top Telephone Sales Tips for Success

March 15, 2013

In an age where e-mail, text messages, status updates and tweets have replaced much verbal communication, even between family members a mere several feet away from each other, the good old-fashioned telephone call might seem to be obsolete as a sales tool. Rather than making cold calls to drum up some quick appointments, salespeople are focusing more on passive lead generation techniques, such as inbound marketing and social networking.... read more

Selling Skills: How Much Time Do You Spend Actually Listening?

March 11, 2013

In the quest to better their selling skills, some sales professionals might resort to all sorts of gadgetry; from smart phones and tablets, to special apps supposedly designed to help them close more sales. Too many of them seek out the latest “surefire” gizmo while neglecting to use one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in any salesperson’s arsenal: his own set of ears.... read more

Developing a Killer Selling Strategy and Bringing In New, Quality Prospects

March 7, 2013

Although the value of formal sales training is known to most organizations, managers can often observe a lack of follow through after attendees come home from those pricey seminars. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t learn anything — it could simply indicate that these newly-trained salespeople “know the notes but cannot play the tune.”... read more

10 Reasons Your Employees Need Sales Consulting

March 5, 2013

At Asher Strategies, sales force consulting is something we are constantly evolving and improving on in order to help our clients make more money. Sales is the primary business driver in any organization, regardless of the industry, product, or service it deals in, and we feel strongly that sales consulting should be adopted by every enterprise seeking to “win” in business.... read more

Deciding What Sales Course is Right For You

March 1, 2013

Regular readers of this blog know that we are big on sales training courses, particularly ones that teach a consultative selling approach. While we can be said to be biased in recommending that every salesperson receive formal training (since we provide training courses), there is also a genuine desire to raise the status and competence levels of sales professionals. It is good for them personally, not to mention the companies they work for and the overall economy.... read more

How a Trusted Advisor Will Boost Your Corporate Sales

February 25, 2013

Corporate sales training has seen a shift towards the consultative approach in the past 30 years, but there is still a long way to go. It seems the whole concept of “trusted advisor” is not fully understood in corporate business sales, which leads to the failure to close and a lack of confidence in this sales philosophy.... read more

5 Sales Techniques To Use When You’re Out To Lunch

February 19, 2013

Taking a prospect out to lunch is one of the classic sales techniques which seems to have fallen by the wayside in many sales organizations, perhaps seen as too costly or simply impractical due to the time involved. But how much does a lost sale truly cost in terms of revenue and personal income? And how much time can be gained for both the salesperson and the prospect by using a focused, relationship-building lunch to provide the right solution to a business plan?... read more

How to Increase Sales in 2013

February 8, 2013

In most business markets, we are in a culture of rapidly changing, buying and selling rules. 2013 will be a banner year for changing trends and your sales teams will have to adapt rapidly. This post looks at 4 Major Sales Trends for 2013 and Sales Process Improvements you can implement to increase your company’s sales this year.... read more

Training for Best-Practices in Sales

January 29, 2013

Businesses are built on rigorous systems, information and processes.  It is a waste of time, energy and money to re-invent the wheel and to operate on assumptions.... read more

Effective Role Playing in Sales Training

September 25, 2012

Top salespeople approach their careers in a similar fashion as professional athletes. They practice, drill and rehearse all of their skills so that they can execute them without even thinking about it, and do not ignore any area of the sales process. It is useless for a salesperson to make a great presentation if she does not know how to close. And closing and getting the money will not lead to referrals unless proper account management is performed.... read more

What to do When Your Product is More Expensive than the Competition

September 20, 2012

An area where consultative selling excels when compared with impersonal, transactional sales is in handling objections. As the consultative selling process establishes a relationship and seeks to build trust before asking for the business, salespeople using this approach are more likely to successfully overcome common stalls and fear in prospects than those trying to “hard sell” someone into making a decision.... read more

Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse

September 18, 2012

Professional Sales coaching teaches a lot of valuable skills which enable a salesperson to take a prospective buyer from unfamiliarity with a product or service all the way to a successful close. The major skills in a salesperson’s repertoire include qualification, presentation, handling objections and closing, but there is another skill which should be taught as part of the sales coaching process — it’s called avoiding buyer’s remorse.... read more

The Importance of Silence During a Close

September 13, 2012

If you have been selling for many years, the following will probably be old hat to you. However, if you have recently joined the sales profession, or you are a veteran who needs to improve his closing percentage, then the following will be one of the most important sales closing techniques you will ever learn. It is so important, in fact, that any corporate sales training program that does not mention it is probably not a very good program at all.... read more

Reasons to Walk Away From a Sale

September 11, 2012

Professional sales training emphasizes that salespeople should have a high degree of “stick-to-it-ness,” meaning that getting hit with objections or flat-out rejection should not dissuade them from continuing to try to make the sale. In fact, they are taught that objections are actually milestones along the route to getting the final “yes,” as they show the prospect is interested and provide something which the salesperson can use to build more rapport and reduce apprehension.... read more

How to Find Competent Sales People

September 6, 2012

A significant amount of time, effort and money is wasted annually by sales organizations in recruiting, sales coaching, and eventually losing individuals that, while seemingly good candidates at first, never really had the “right stuff” to achieve lasting sales success with their companies. While some of this has to do with a mismatch in culture, as in the case where a type-A personality joins a lower-key sales team, the majority derives from a simple lack of sales competence on the part of new hires.... read more

How to Win in Sales Using Effective E-Mail Techniques

September 4, 2012

Sales and marketing training specialists these days tend to focus on content creation and social media as the most effective ways to build a brand and make yourself known to the world. While the stats on the number of “engaged visitors” gained by many businesses through content marketing and social networking are impressive, especially when compared with traditional outbound media such as TV and radio spots, the fact is that email marketing is still the clear winner for many businesses when it comes to Internet marketing.... read more

The Four Major Growth Processes Every Business Needs to Succeed

August 30, 2012

The media often depicts businesses as being overnight successes, similar to the way certain celebrities and professional athletes are glorified when they finally break through with a runaway hit or other major achievement. In reality though, there are usually years of blood, sweat and tears poured into each one of those successes, which often goes unremarked upon and therefore paints a false picture of what it takes to really “make it.”... read more

Gatekeeper: Friend or Foe — It’s Up to You

August 28, 2012

A  company’s sales process management needs to address all steps in the sales cycle, including those which occur well before the appointment, in order to qualify its sales process as a thorough system. Handling gatekeepers is one of these steps — an art form that is not stressed enough. Gatekeepers are defined as the assistants, employees, family and associates of a decision maker which control access to said decision maker.... read more

Overcoming the Dreaded “Price” Objection in Sales

August 23, 2012

Of all the objections that salespeople are hit with, the one that seemingly causes the most trouble relates to the price of their offerings. To inexperienced sales staff, phrases such as, “it costs too much” or “we can get it cheaper elsewhere” seem to be solvable only through price reductions, which take a chunk out of both a salesperson’s commission as well as his company’s revenue. Salespeople that compete solely on price have to take shortcuts somewhere to remain profitable, which can lead to dissatisfied customers.... read more