Keynote Speaker for Company-Wide Emotional Intelligence & Sales Success

Sales could be described as the leveraging of human emotion in order to create desired outcomes. Ideally, these outcomes should be desired by both the buyer and seller to create a win-win. Using this definition, you can see why emotional intelligence for sales success is a topic of concern for all salespeople, managers, and the C-suite.... read more

Why A Sales Speaker Makes Sense

September 4, 2018

Every day, in conferences, seminars, and summits the world over, keynote speakers deliver informative and motivational talks to audiences in every possible industry. Many of these speakers are big names in business, sports, television, or literature. Most are excellent and deserve every penny earned for their speaking engagement. However, sales and marketing speakers might represent a better choice for companies seeking a direct boost in revenue from their event.... read more

Teach Your Sales Team These Two New Marketing Tricks

August 16, 2018

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. The functions of these departments often overlap, and I have worked with some firms where there is no real distinction – the sales department is the marketing department for all intent and purposes.
That being said, marketing speakers are just as valuable for salespeople as they are for dedicated marketing teams, because it gets them to own the beginning of the funnel and be more proactive in sourcing leads.
Here are two great tips to help your salespeople become better marketers in this digital age.... read more

6 Tips to Choose a Corporate Keynote Speaker to Boost Sales

A great corporate keynote speaker can transform an ordinary seminar or conference into a catalyst for increased sales, but only if you choose the right one. We have all experienced what a poor speaker does to us – it’s a snooze fest and our minds drift to lunch or our cell phones. Not exactly a great ROI on the speaker’s fee. So, event planners need to perform a bit of legwork to ensure a good match and get the biggest sales-boosting bang for the buck.
Here is a roundup of tips compiled from sources across the business world. They offer some food for thought when it comes time for you to book your next corporate keynote speakers.... read more

What Makes for Great Business Keynote Speakers?

August 13, 2018

The image on this post shows a thoughtful person – perhaps a scholar. It’s not an image much associated with business keynote speakers, who generally present a somewhat flashy, driven persona. But I think that the best speakers are not necessarily the guys who jump all over the stage in sweaty, religious fervor. I mean, they can be entertaining for sure, but I don’t believe the theatrics are what make them great business keynote speakers.... read more

Using APQ for Coaching – 3 Great Tips

July 22, 2018

There’s no doubt the APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment stacks the odds in your favor when selecting qualified sales candidates. It checks the candidate’s scores against the ideal ranges for a wide range of job roles, thus determining suitability for positions such as outside sales hunter, farmer, CSR, or sales manager. This reduces bias in the hiring process and is the recommended scientific approach to sales recruitment.... read more

How to Close a Deal on the Phone

July 20, 2018

Although I find it easier to close deals in person, certain professionals have mastered the art of closing deals on the phone. Think stockbrokers and telemarketers. However, I would not look to these professions for general guidance in how to close a deal in the B2B world due to the high-pressure and perhaps questionable tactics they have a reputation for using.... read more

You CAN change your Emotional Intelligence in Business – Here’s How

June 30, 2018

The idea of developing emotional intelligence for sales success is gaining traction. Case in point: an article in the March 2018 print edition of Rough Notes Magazine (a leading trade for insurance agents) is titled “The ‘Other’ Intelligence: Why emotional intelligence is topping leaders’ lists of must-have skills.”  In it, writer Kimberley Paterson states “77% of CEOs now see soft skills, like emotional intelligence, as among the most valuable and the hardest to find.”... read more

Was your Sales Training Seminar Successful?

Sales training seminars are indispensable for any sales organization, even one full of seasoned pros. Conventional wisdom notwithstanding, you can teach an old dog new tricks if you motivate it enough. Not to associate canines with salespeople, but you get the idea – everyone benefits from continued education in their craft.... read more

How to Close BIG Deals

June 18, 2018

Every salesperson dreams of landing a big account — one that not only will bring in a huge commission check, but also respect from peers and executives. These big accounts, if serviced correctly, tend to bring in other big accounts as well due to social proof – your firm must be good if you handle so-and-so’s business goes the thinking.... read more

Is Closing the Deal an Art or a Science?

May 27, 2018

For many learning how to close a deal more effectively, whether closing is an art or a science is an understandable confusion. Some salespeople rely strictly on their processes and systems to bring buyers through the sales funnel, while others prefer to engage more organically with prospects and improvise as they go along.... read more

Reviewing the Basics of Sales Aptitude Testing

May 7, 2018

The APQ sales aptitude test has been instrumental in turning around low-performing sales teams for several decades, in conjunction with sales training and coaching. In the past, sales executives and hiring managers had to rely on imprecise recruitment methods, such as gut instinct and interview performance. With the development of the APQ sales aptitude test they could glean deeper insights into a candidate’s personality and determine with much greater accuracy whether he or she was the right fit for the job.... read more

3 Ways How March Madness Teams Close the Deal

May 1, 2018

March Madness is the annual college basketball tournament which separates the wheat from the chaff. It’s a dramatic end to the season for hundreds of players for whom the stakes are high: prestige, recognition, and a possible shot at a lucrative NBA career.... read more

Hiring Great Salespeople Needs to Be Scientific. Use the APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment.

April 26, 2018

Sales and marketing today have evolved into more scientific, efficient practices thanks to raw computing power and advances in data science. While psychology has always played a part in sales, we now understand better which parts of the mind and personality most affect success in these fields due to the sheer amount of transactional data and analyses available.... read more

Making a Good First Impression will Close Deals Faster

April 23, 2018

The first impression you make with a potential buyer can make or break a deal. We used to think that it took several seconds or minutes for this first impression to form, but recent research shows that it only takes fractions of a second. Once it’s made it is hard to overcome, and a negative one makes it difficult to close deals faster – the goal of all salespeople.... read more

Simple EQ Lessons for More Sales Success

April 9, 2018

Greater importance is being paid today to emotional intelligence (EQ) than traditional IQ when it comes to sales success. The shift comes after research has proven that EQ is the major factor to better selling, and this is likely due to emotion being the primary driver of decisions – not rationality or intelligence.... read more