Every Company Needs a Sales Manager Coach to Soar

December 15, 2015

When sales teams struggle with unqualified leads, missed goals, and lost opportunities, smart sales executives often turn to a sales manager coach for a fix. While coaching lower-level salespeople has big benefits, it makes sense to start with the manager in charge so her renewed motivation can inspire the folks under her towards greater performance.... read more

Why Salesperson Aptitude Rules Success

November 17, 2015

I might sound like a broken record sometimes on my blog, but I will keep saying this over and over again because it is the absolute truth as proven time and time again:... read more

Why Salesperson Aptitude Rules Success

November 10, 2015

I might sound like a broken record sometimes on my blog, but I will keep saying this over and over again because it is the absolute truth as proven time and time again:

Hiring Alert! A Sales Manager Hiring Test That Works

November 3, 2015

Managerial skill levels greatly influence the ability of a business to drive revenue. If a sales manager lacks skills and the personality characteristics proven to guarantee success for their position, having that person onboard will be extremely detrimental.... read more

Made or Born? Sales Aptitude Importance to Success

October 13, 2015

Sales managers and executives should rely more on personality tests to make hires. The use of aptitude tests for employment purposes begins a new M.O. that builds stronger sales teams and prevents incompetent people from entering your ranks. This article explains how a prescreen sales aptitude test boosts a sales team and the customers it serves.... read more

Why You Fail with Your Current Selling Aptitude Test

September 29, 2015

A selling aptitude test is one of the best ways to filter out incompetent sales people and find those who have the potential to be great performers. We have seen companies completely turn around their sales divisions when aptitude tests were employed to screen out incoming candidates rather than use a revolving door “let’s see who sticks” methodology.... read more

3 Reasons to use Pre-Employment Testing as a Hiring Tool

August 3, 2015

Pre-Employment testing involves the use of standardized questions, computerized scoring, and scientific analysis to predict on-the-job attitude and performance among job applicants. While no system of testing is 100 percent accurate, since they rely on test takers answering questions correctly and honesty, using them is still far better than subjectively picking people because they “seem right.”... read more

Inside Sales Training – Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Supporting Sales

June 29, 2015

LinkedIn estimates that 1 in 3 professionals around the world maintain a LinkedIn profile. Increasingly, the LinkedIn platform is becoming a prime resource for sales professionals and B2B businesses. With an optimized profile and inside sales training best practices, you can capture the attention of customers and potential leads while you build an invaluable source of information to bolster your sales performance. These tips will turn any LinkedIn profile into an inside sales monster.... read more

How to Get the Best from Your Sales Consulting Firm

June 19, 2015

When it comes to optimizing your sales team and boosting performance, a sales consulting firm might seem like the obvious choice. In fact, a quick Google search will net you thousands of professionals and firms claiming that they can catapult your business to the top ranks of your market. But like most aspects of business, sales consulting isn’t a magic pill. These tips will ensure you maximize ROI and get the most benefit from your sales consulting firm.... read more

Boosting the Skills of Your Corporate Sales Team

June 15, 2015

With the sheer scale of many B2B deals, even a single sale can make a huge difference in the bottom line. Corporate sales is a highly competitive field and constantly changing. Staying up to date on corporate sales skills and trends can be the difference between nailing down lucrative multi-year contracts and explaining to the board why numbers are down this quarter. Corporate sales training offers an effective framework for optimizing your sales teams and ensuring performance, even in the most competitive markets.... read more

B2B Sales Tips: 5 Tips for Developing Your B2B Sales Skills

June 8, 2015

B2BAdvertising-e1375477332536While you might think that rocking the B2C sales charts means you could easily jump into B2B sales and go after the big score, they are very different skill sets. If you’re looking to improve your B2B sales skills, these B2B sales tips offer insider secrets for improving performance.... read more

How to Get the Most Out of Your B2B Sales Training

April 13, 2015

Although B2B Sales Training will help any sales team boost acquisitions, speed up the sales cycle and improve add-on business, maximizing the ROI of your training investment is all about boosting training effectiveness. Failure to optimize your sales training approach leads to wasted money and a team of salespeople who think training is a big waste of time.... read more

Stop Wasting Your Money on Sales Training!

March 2, 2015

According to Trainingindustry.com, the total corporate and government training dollars spent in the US in recent years is somewhere between $140 to $170 billion dollars annually, with outsourced sales training comprising about $2.2 billion annually.... read more

CPQ Pre-Employment Assessment

February 9, 2015

I am always seeking the latest and greatest information in the field of sales in order to best serve our clients at Asher Strategies. I have done this for decades because, while the fundamentals of sales don’t really change, there are always new developments which increase the efficiency of how we do things.... read more

Top 10 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail in Business

October 23, 2014

Being an entrepreneur is an American Dream. However, in the struggle to get financing, execute a business plan, overtake competitors, arrange sales training and learn the tricks of a particular niche, many entrepreneurs fail. Even though failure is likely, it is not inevitable. Here are 10 destructive actions to avoid.... read more

5 Effective Communication Skills for Salespeople

Because the art of selling is so dependent on persuasive and believable information exchange, salespeople must be effective communicators.  Great communication is not simply what is conveyed, but how it is conveyed and how choice rhetoric, info and body language can drive relationships and sales.... read more

How to Improve your Business through Customer Feedback?

October 16, 2014

Happy customers lead to a thriving business, which is why the topic of gathering and using customer feedback is a regular topic in sales training.  By finding out what customers like and don’t like through a variety of feedback methods, a business can get insight about how to make adjustments.... read more

How Important is Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations?

Clients have expectations about every aspect of business: the product, the process used to serve customers, and the people doing the serving. Excel in all areas and customers will not only stick with you over time, but they will become your advocates and speak highly of you to other potential clients.... read more

Client Prospecting: How to Deal with Negative Perception Prospects

October 7, 2014

An impressive company reputation can grease a closing, making a prospect feel comfortable and know that his business will be in competent hands. What happens, however, when in the midst of client prospecting, you encounter a customer who is cautious or hesitant to engage in negotiations because something has smeared the firm in his eyes?... read more

When to Move On From a Stalled Prospect

September 5, 2014

Will they buy or won’t they? Some prospects waver on closing the deal, stringing salespeople­­­­ along without giving a clear-cut “yes” or “no.” Such indecisiveness consumes resources, time and patience. There’s nothing worse than believing a sale is imminent, only to have the customer stall for months; this can even happen with longtime customers considering new products. It’s true that it is possible to revive a stalled sale successfully. On the other hand, re-igniting talks sometimes won’t be worthwhile.  Sometimes a salesperson has to know when to fold ‘em and walk away. Here are five signs that you should give up on stallers. ­­­­... read more

Sales Playbook: 10 Key Items to Include

A master salesperson never stops learning; he refines and adapts his techniques to be ready for any situation and prospect. However, the basic and best practices of top salespeople can be learned early and should be collected and distributed to a sales team in the form of a sales playbook.... read more