January 30, 2012

Knowing what sort of personality you are dealing with has an impact on your sales process. Understanding how to approach different personalities requires an assessment on your part, and that assessment will drive your choices when it comes to communication, style, and timing.
    Just as there are no two snowflakes that are alike, people are unique. And it is safe to say, that typically people fall into one of 4 categories when it comes to basic personality types. The details of how they behave and respond to things, and why they do so, can be traced back to these personality types. We have already examined two of these… the Driver and the Motivator. Now we’ll be looking at the Thinkers, and what makes them tick.
      The Thinker
      As the name implies, this is a person prone to serious thought before action. A Thinker is not impulsive. Their low Ego Drive is best suited for a sales process that includes preparation, organization, and detailed analysis. A Thinker prefers a step-by-step methodical approach. Their low Empathy keeps them from being distracted by personal relationships. Some examples of some well-known Thinkers are CEO and Chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates, economist Alan Greenspan, and professional golfer Tiger Woods.
        A Thinker is an analytical person who needs structure and procedure. They thrive on details and can process a lot of information. Often seen as a perfectionist, the Thinker is deep, thoughtful, careful and conservative by nature. Thinkers can also be skeptical and therefore want the whole story. Motivated by security, they are slow talkers, systematic, and even- paced. Possessing a cool demeanor, the Thinker hates to be wrong, and will respect people who provide them with thorough analysis and organized background information. Emotions or feeling aspects of a situation do not resonate.
          Recognizing a Thinker
          You will know you are dealing with a Thinker when you see or experience the following:
          • greet you with formality and without enthusiasm
          • show no emotion or facial expression
          • has a neat, organized workspace and conservative dress
          • overly cautious, writes things down/takes notes
          • over-analyzes before speaking – says “I think” rather than “I feel”
          • wants facts, figures and details
          • skeptical of others intentions and insensitive to other’s needs
          Getting a decision
          While it may seem a less than welcoming situation when dealing with a Thinker, there are some do’s and don’ts that can help you navigate their territory. Keeping these points in mind can increase your chances for a successful sale.
            • be well organized and on time
            • prepared with detailed analysis
            • provide written materials and thorough research in advance
            • be patient, persistent and polite
            • provide facts and numbers, be accurate, don’t exaggerate
            • follow through on promises; missing a deadline is seen as an affront
            • close only after addressing all concerns
            • get in their space or lean forward
            • be casual, loud, overly friendly or emotional or expressive
            • waste time with small talk or jump from subject to subject
            • be disorganized or messy
            • try to rush decision making
            Presentations and meetings with a Thinker require a lot of preparation, so take extra time to prepare your approach and cover all of your bases.
              Using a bit of psychology and personality assessment in your sales process can go a long way towards making the right connection with your prospect. The success of that connection could determine whether or not you achieve your sales goal.
                Next time we will introduce you to our final personality type, the Supporter, and help you to prepare for dealing with them. Until then, let us know what type of personality you are, and what works for you.
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