March 28, 2011

Just like a soft handshake, a poor opening statement can negatively color the rest of a critical conversation with your buyer. With new buyer conversations being a delicate line to walk, why not do everything you can to start it off right? Placing a lot of gravity on your opening statement will train you to keep your buyer’s attention and eventually lead to promising opportunities.

  • While the first few statements are critical, make sure to not show it. Keeping it conversational and simple will allow the conversation to easily flow.
  • Make a statement about their interest. Reminding them about why this conversation will benefit them and why it is relevant to them is sure to spark and maintain their curiosity. **Keep it focused on business, professional or technical items of interest to them and stay away from personal topics unless you think you have a common interest, like golf or art.
  • Secretly urge them to talk by asking an open-ended question.
  • We all have them: moments of fear when our mind just blanks. When this happens and when all else fails, use their job. Ask them questions like “What do you love most about your job?” or “How did you get started here?”

Easy right? Nerves can really take a hold on you when working with a new buyer so go over these simple guidelines before your next conversation. Engraining these into your mind will keep you from making that one little mistake and will drive the conversation in a positive way.