September 29, 2018

Sales training seminars can transform a sales team from a sluggish crew to a team that consistently exceeds expectations. Billions are spent on training programs around the world each year because they work and provide fantastic ROI for firms big and small.

There is one key ingredient which all sales training seminars should fit in when possible. If skipped over, many of the advantages available to attendees are missed. This ingredient is role playing, and it will help your team close deals faster and easier.

Here’s why role playing is so valuable.

Higher interest and engagement

The first benefit is higher interest and engagement from the salespeople being trained. Most sales training seminars provide heaps of inflow in the form of lectures, reading, and audio/visual presentations while providing little opportunity for attendees to outflow beyond a Q&A session. Too much inflow can cause people to tune out or even nod off completely. Have you ever heard a boring college professor drone on endlessly? Then you can relate!

Role play helps balance the inflow and outflow necessary to hold audience interest and encourage participation. Not to mention, most participants find them to be a great deal of fun and even stress relievers.


The next benefit is bonding between team members. Role playing gets people to help each other, and this often develops friendships between team members who otherwise might not interact much back at the office.

This camaraderie generally lasts for a while after the training program is completed. I have seen salespeople team up to create successful mentorships and partnerships after bonding well through role playing at sales training seminars. These teams become very effective over time and close deals faster than most lone wolves.


We lose much of the information we learn at events such as sales training seminars within mere weeks. The things we tend to retain are those which make strong impressions, and the strongest impressions are formed in our memories when we involve multiple senses.

Role playing aids in retention because it involves both mind and body. You have to think quickly to say the right thing, mimic body language to better connect with the “buyer,” and modulate vocal pitch and speed as well. All of these aid recall when faced with a live buyer. Contrast this with trying to apply something which was flashed on a presentation screen for 10 seconds, and you can clearly see the value of practicing with a live person.

Sales training seminars without role play segments lose some of their value. To close deals faster and get the maximum return for your training dollar, insist on role play at all future sales training seminars.

And if you would like some free role playing ideas for your next sales meeting or in-house training session, please feel free to contact me at any time.