December 30, 2010

Do you think you are a skeptical person? Do you have a level of distrust in people or situations? If so, your skepticism may be jeopardizing sales.

The sales follow up process can be tiring and long. Persistence is key in winning sales that are “out there” from qualified leads but are simply hung up for one reason or another. Individuals with high skepticism tend to give up on qualified leads after a few follow up attempts simply because they are skeptical that the prospect is going to buy.

If the prospect is stalling, simply ask them what is stalling the process of moving forward. If you feel they are not completely transparent but also not telling you they are NOT going to buy, then there is still reason for follow up and persistence.

Don’t let your skepticism factor into your follow up efforts. Nurturing leads is part of the sales process. Stays focused and committed to qualified leads and keep them part of your sales funnel.