October 10, 2011

A prospective client can read about all of your services, read your blog, meet with your salespeople, but will still not have a 100% idea of what you can offer. A great way for people to really get a feel for your business is through a testimonial letter. What better way to get a feel for what their experience will look like with you than through a personalized testament?

You must seek every opportunity to get the most out of a strong professional relationship with a client. If you have brought great success to your client while maintaining a bond (maybe strong enough to be a coach / mentor), you must share your experience with prospective clients. Testimonial letters portray a sense of trust and loyalty, which will be hard for the prospect to walk away from.

Now that you have your delighted client on board to write a testimonial letter, keep in mind that the best testimonials are case studies with appropriate metrics. If they are too busy to write the entire testimonial, outline the case study and have them sign off with a sentence or two.

Here is a basic outline for a successful testimonial letter:
• Short story of their business challenge
• The solution you provided
• The results of your solution with metrics (ROI)
• A testimonial from the client about the satisfaction of the results you provided

Once you have your killer testimonial letter, post it on your website and be sure to use them in your other marketing tactics. Interested in gaining more knowledge on how to gain the trust of a prospective client? Give us a call today.