January 5, 2023

  1. They are product experts. They know the ins and outs of what they sell, as well as their competitors’ offering and their customers’ businesses as well.
  2. They are born with a natural talent for selling. They have sold their entire   lives even if they do not realize it (parents, teachers, friends, etc.)
  3. They have had professional sales training and continue to hone their selling skills.
  4. A motivation “fire” burns within them that leads them to sell continually and achieve high goals.
  5. Sales processes help them get things done, so they welcome good ones.
  6. Rather than spray and pray, they focus on a few top prospects and give them lots of attention (account-based marketing comes naturally to them).
  7. They have a strong network in their communities and industries and tap into their connections to get inside information and introductions when pursuing business opportunities. They are master relationship builders.
  8. Going in blind is not an option. They research their prospects thoroughly.
  9. They actively listen, rather than endlessly self-promote.
  10. They are excellent closers. They know when to ask for the sale (Buyer’s Shift).
  11. They function more as business consultants and solution partners than traditional salespeople.
  1. They will source their own business and do not depend only on the Marketing department to provide leads.
  1. After the sale, they are interested in their buyers’ success and provide superior service.
  1. A significant part of their business is referral-based due to their excellent performance and word of mouth.
  1. In addition to sales, they are interested in self-improvement, whether that be mental or physical.  They are continually learning and improving.
  1. They excel at emotional intelligence and instinctively adapt to their buyer’s emotions and personality to build rapport.
  1. Business seems to magically come to them, as it seems they are always building a pipeline of new prospects, on an airplane, on vacation, or at the  grocery store.
  1. Their deals close faster, which is why they can do so much more per quarter than other salespeople.
  1. They are masters of four sales tools:
  • Sales Navigator/LinkedIn
  • Crystal Knows
  • CRM
  • They know their strengths and weaknesses from our sales aptitude assessment and know how to stretch their personality traits when needed.
  1. They make sure they always get at least one big task done every day. No excuses. That is 250 big tasks done per year.

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