October 25, 2018

Great sales keynote speakers can deliver more than a few amusing anecdotes and one-liners. They can deliver real business benefits too. The difference between sales keynote speakers and other business or celebrity speakers is that they address the most pressing hurdle most businesses face: overcoming challenges related to revenue growth.

Work with your speaker to align his or her content with the goals of your conference or seminar. He or she can be the vehicle for your message, leading to acceptance and change.

Here are the three main results hiring great sales keynote speakers can deliver for your business.

Salesperson motivation

Salespeople can be likened to professional athletes. This means, in addition to constant training such as role-playing at weekly sales meetings, you also need to provide a steady stream of motivation so they work to the best of their abilities. Professional sports coaches don’t recruit players, hand them a ball, and say “have at it” without any further guidance. But how many salespeople are treated exactly this way by their managers?

One great way to keep salespeople motivated it to supply good sales keynote speakers on a regular basis to enlighten them with the latest sales techniques and relight the fire under them. They become more confident when an expert tells them how to do their job better.

Better performance

Elite salespeople love to have an edge. If sales keynote speakers give them “the latest skinny,” their competitive spirits can’t help but try to be the best at using that information to make more deals happen. This, in turn, inspires better performance from most of the rest of the team – and reveals who you might have to let go because they refuse to step up.

The result is a better performing sales team.

Revenue growth

As you can imagine, when you motivate salespeople and teach them how to be better performers, your revenue grows accordingly. In fact, most sales keynote speakers will customize their content specifically to help you achieve that. Many also offer follow-up training, coaching, or online learning which dovetails from their keynote presentation for those interested in reinforcing their new knowledge and skills.

The bottom line is a healthier revenue machine, less turnover, and a superior working environment when everyone gets on board.

If you would like some recommendations on great sales keynote speaker topics which you might not have thought of before, please drop me a line and I or one of my staff will gladly get back to you!

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