October 19, 2016

The issues behind poor performance from sales people will be as varied as the kind of people you hire. However, by tackling the most common areas of trouble, you can see a big improvement in most of your people right away.

The best sales training seminars will be able to clearly present what they can do to help improve sales performance in specific, meaningful ways. At Asher, here are five of the biggest problems our sales training addresses.

1. Poor Prospecting Skills

Poor prospecting resulting in no appointments or actual client interaction is a waste of time and resources for everyone. The best sales training seminars can directly identify what is going wrong and what your employees can do to improve their outcomes.

It usually boils down to one of the following: not knowing their ideal client avatar (so they go after the wrong people), being too shy or insecure to talk to new people, or not having a full grasp of the product or offering they are supposed to sell.

2. Lousy Closing Techniques

This can be an embarrassing issue, especially for salespeople that deliver average results and are trying to reach the next level. Perhaps the needed engagement and the energy are there, but the ability to focus and translate it into a sale is still lacking. Topics like improving communication skills, maintaining a positive attitude and staying confident when hit with objections are issues superior corporate sales training will address and look for ways to improve.

3. Lack of Motivation

One of the most common issues the best sales training seminars can correct is a lack of motivation among the sales team. Beyond the initial excitement and rah-rah of a high-energy sales workshop, finding the core causes of why an individual salesperson is lacking in motivation is vital to changing their attitude. Whether it stems from feeling stuck in a rut on the job or simply not having the correct toolkit to approach customers, by fixing the root cause, great business sales training can help empower employees to maintain their motivation in sales.

4. Insufficient Follow-up

Following up with prospects and continuing to pursue leads is one of the biggest contributing factors to sales success. Closely related to motivation, most of the obstacles standing in the way of consistent, effective follow ups are self-inflicted. Better business sales training can teach methods of self-discipline and organization to encourage the twelve touches it takes to close the average sale.

5. Pursuing the Wrong Leads

A good horse sense about which leads are most likely to translate to closed deals is a highly valuable trait, and the best sales training seminars will teach how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Too many novice salespeople go after anybody under the sun to pitch, qualified or not. By knowing exactly whom the ideal buyer for their product is, your salespeople can weed out leads less likely to close.

If any of these issues are affecting your sales team, you can be sure that the best sales training seminars will address them so your salespeople drive more revenue.