December 26, 2018

You get what you pay for, and this includes top sales training programs versus the low budget ones. You can save a bit of money by using a new firm trying to enter the market with low prices, and risk losing your investment if the training is subpar. Same with sending salespeople to a community college to take courses on salesmanship there.

Here is why I believe you should spend more to get more and choose a top-flight sales training firm, rather than a low budget one, for your people.

The trainers sell constantly in the real world

There are things which simply cannot be taught in a college classroom or learned from a textbook. Often the hard knocks in life are the best teachers, and this wisdom only comes from rolling up one’s sleeves and getting dirty in the trenches.
This is why the top sales programs are seldom found in universities, and why graduates of these programs don’t leave the classroom and start selling up a storm. Most college professors are not involved in running a business day-to-day, so there is too much unworkable theory. However, when your sales trainers must actively sell every day to keep their own firms afloat, they are much more in tune with what works – because they cannot risk using things which do not.

The top sales programs have a vested interest in your success

Now, I don’t have anything against college professors, but I will use them again to make my next point. A teacher has students arrive to his classroom from the admissions department. He doesn’t have to go out and sell these students to take his course, nor does his involvement with them extend beyond giving them a grade at the end of the semester. Whether graduates succeed or fail, the admissions department will send him more students next year.
In contrast, professional sales trainers know their students had better close some deals in the next couple of weeks or their training firm will go out of business! Trainers not only need to apply their own selling methodologies to get salespeople to buy their training; they must also create better salespeople that apply what they learn in order to drive referrals and repeat business.

They balance covering the basics with teaching the latest innovations

There are some universal principles which apply to just about every sales transaction. The top sales training programs teach these basics to new salespeople and revisit them for the veterans. These include best practices collected by experts over the decades, such as how to build rapport, specific closes, and the most effective objection handlers.
They also incorporate the latest research and innovations to better apply these basics and close deals faster. For example, at ASHER, we are heavily invested in studying emotional intelligence and what drives decision-making from a neurological perspective. We teach the stimuli which affect decision-making so salespeople have an edge and we constantly update our curricula based on new and proven discoveries.

Teaching only the latest science and ignoring the basics, is insufficient. You need a balance of both. And the top sales training programs achieve this and are therefore worth the money.

When it comes to investing your training dollars, choose wisely!