Sales Aptitude Tests for Hiring

You have probably been advised to “take a risk” or to just “wing it” at some point in your life. Although these approaches can be great at times, they are not among the best practices to use when hiring a new employee.... read more

The most valuable sales skill is….

At ASHER we teach the Top 10 Selling Skills possessed by Elite salespeople. These include things such as focusing on a few top prospects, using powerful marketing messages, and building long-term relationships.... read more

Ten Prospecting Methods to Use During “Social Distancing”

The coronavirus pandemic is a rapidly evolving, fluid situation which will undoubtedly have many new developments by the time this post is published. With extensive shuttering of restaurant and meeting/entertainment venues, mass gatherings discouraged, and more than a few cities on mandatory lockdown, times can seem dire for B2B salespeople. How are you supposed to drum up business if you are prevented from travelling and meeting prospective customers?... read more

Chapter 1: What are Pre-Employment Assessments

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” – Dee Hock, founder and former CEO of VISA.... read more

Hard or Soft? How your messaging style affects acceptance

Our training programs for sales teams incorporate the latest neuroscience research. Study after study prove that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a better harbinger of sales success, more than IQ. This is logical: those with highly developed EQ can better relate to others and gain their trust, and this makes for easier sales.... read more

Chapter 8 – Beyond Pre-employment (how else to use)

The APQ has proven to be an indispensable tool for recruiters and sales leaders in thousands of companies. The strong correlation to real-world performance, easy-to-understand charts and reports, and uncomplicated set-up make it a leading pre-employment assessment for sales organizations.... read more

Chapter 7 – How to Implement

In this chapter, we’ll explore a few best practices for implementing pre-employment assessments in your business. All are based on years of real-world experience working with many B2B customers to identify and hire the best possible candidates. ... read more

Chapter 6 – What to look for? (Key Selection Factors/Features)

In the previous chapters we covered the basics of pre-employment assessments and their value to sales organizations. In the following installment, we delve into the features which comprise a great test, especially for sales candidates.... read more

Chapter 5 – Sales Emotional Intelligence

EQ, or Emotional Intelligence, is a hot topic among sales leaders. Word has spread that when it comes to sales success, EQ trumps IQ. This makes the identification of those with natural EQ, and its development in those who lack it, important tasks to boost the effectiveness of any sales team. ... read more

Chapter 4: How Sales aptitude is different from traditional pre-employment tests

Employers have a wide variety of assessment options, and the market is predicted to grow – especially for online testing solutions.... read more

Chapter 3: How Do They Work?

Pre-employment assessments vary in what they measure. Some are skills-based, such as those which require the test taker to complete job-related tasks. Others measure general problem-solving faculties, a perfect example being the good old-fashioned IQ test. And then there are aptitude tests which seek to predict suitability for certain jobs based on the personality or attitudes of the test taker.... read more

Chapter 2: Benefits of pre-employment assessment

Implementing a pre-employment assessment to test all prospective employees, particularly salespeople, has many benefits. ... read more

3 Reasons AI/Machine Learning Will Never Replace Salespeople

Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term “creative destruction” in 1942 to describe how technological advances increase productivity in any endeavor but simultaneously destroy part of it as well. At its essence, it means we have to dismantle the current way of thinking and doing things in order to progress – and this means even entire professions could be wiped out in the process (horse and buggy drivers after the automobile, for instance). ... read more

Sell More by Becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Many buyers no longer seek as much education from company reps as they did before. They can execute much of their research and product discovery online well before talking to a salesperson. Because of the wealth of information available to prospects, salespeople have been pushed much further back in the buying process.... read more

Cold Calling versus Social Selling: Which one Wins?

For salespeople who enjoy and excel at cold calling, it’s a point of pride to be able to do so comfortably. So many people are turned off by it, yet “dialing for dollars” has been a mainstay of many sales organizations for decades. The ability to cold call is a skill many sales managers and executives still seek when hiring top salespeople as it connotes the image of a fearless go-getter. ... read more

How Strong Is Your Salesperson Engagement, and Why Does it Matter?

You’ve incorporated a hiring aptitude test into your recruitment line and have assembled what you feel is a top-notch team of sellers. You’ve put them through training and feel you are definitely moving in the right direction. And, you wonder if there is something else you can do to improve your sales department. There is – it’s called salespeople engagement. ... read more

Creating content is not enough: how to amplify to increase your sales reach

When hiring sales talent, recruiters are increasingly looking for salespeople who can build their personal brands and do some marketing on their own. For the individual salesperson, this generally means blogging, videos, LinkedIn and other social media.... read more

Sourcing Best Practices Infographic

We would like to thank The Hire Talent for the fantastic InfoGraphic. The Hire Talent is a pre-employment assessment testing service, offering a broad range of behavioral and competence-based assessments in order to hire the best talent on the market.... read more

Behavioral & Personality Fit Factors

Successfully placing someone in the “right” position for them means matching their personality, work habits and traits to the job. Candidates who enjoy the tasks and behaviors they have to repeat each day on the job are more likely to be interested in and engaged in their work for longer periods of time than those who are in jobs where they have to do things regularly that are outside of their interest or comfort zone.... read more

Sales Tactics: 3 Effective NLP Techniques to Boost Your Sales Performance

Emotional intelligence for sales success requires learning how buyers react to certain activators and why. When you have this knowledge, you will be more in tune with prospects and close more deals faster. ... read more

Scared to give a speech? How Corporate Keynote Speakers Prepare for Success

Every salesperson is tasked with presenting their solutions to potential buyers. Sometimes this involves just one buyer, but in the B2B and government sales world this usually means multiple people such as a group of executives or a buying committee. This can cause problems for salespeople uncomfortable with public speaking. ... read more

Hiring Millennials for sales jobs? What you need to know.

Millennials have received a bad rap as the generation everyone loves to complain about. The stereotype describes them as narcissistic and they have a terrible work ethic. In truth, just about every younger generation gets picked on by older generations who resent change and long for “the good old days,” and
Millennials are not exempt from this.... read more

Deliver a Better Speech: Secrets from the Best Corporate Keynote Speakers

At some point, most salespeople find themselves giving a speech to a room full of people. This might provoke elementary school flashbacks or even outright terror in a few, as delivering a speech in front of a crowd is significantly more stressful than speaking with a buyer one-on-one. However, with some practice and smart planning, delivering a speech can be a piece of cake.... read more

Is Your Corporate Sales Training Program Missing These 6 Vital Ingredients?

Do you need help establishing your own internal corporate sales training program for team development? If so, I have some tips for you in this post.... read more

5 Must-Have Topics for Training the Newbies on Your Sales Team

So, you’ve hired one or more new salespeople who show tremendous promise and now it’s your job to settle them in and provide some elementary training. Where do you start?... read more

5 Great Social Media Selling Tools to Add to Your Arsenal in 2019

Social media selling refers to receiving business directly from platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, as opposed to simply increasing brand awareness or performing customer service. It leverages social networks for more than sharing photos or catching up with old college buddies, and when done correctly, it can be a lucrative source of business.... read more

5 Tips to Guarantee Your Sales Training Seminars Make an Impact

Sales training seminars are necessary! For new salespeople who need to learn the basics and veterans who need to freshen up, investing in training is one of the best actions you can take to bolster your sales team’s performance.... read more

Why Top Sales Training Programs are Worth the Money

You get what you pay for, and this includes top sales training programs versus the low budget ones. You can save a bit of money by using a new firm trying to enter the market with low prices, and risk losing your investment if the training is subpar. Same with sending salespeople to a community college to take courses on salesmanship there.... read more

All Top Sales Training Programs Excel With These Three Ingredients

Top sales training programs do more than just present information once and let salespeople loose without further guidance. The majority of your training investment is wasted if you buy a program which does this, as very few people can absorb and apply information the first time they hear it. In fact, most of us forget just about everything we hear if there is no repetition!
In contrast, the top sales training programs consistently include a few important elements to stack the odds that salespeople actually retain and use their training to close deals faster and in volume.... read more

3 Key Things to Avoid Hosting Boring Sales Seminars

Have your past sales seminars been snooze-fests? Whether they were small affairs held in company conference rooms or mega-productions complete with stage lights and enormous video screens, perhaps you felt the trainers could have done a better job in holding the audience’s attention. Since this problem occurs with both simple setups and elaborate ones, the secret to engagement must lie elsewhere than the venue or the A/V equipment used.
This is good news for firms that would like to host their own training – you don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy bells and whistles. Instead focus on the following elements to make sales seminars more enjoyable for your trainees.... read more

2019 Sales Training Workshops Best Practices for Your Business

You want to close deals faster and increase revenue in 2019, right? Sales training workshops could be the key to achieving that goal. I know you have several options, from employing ASHER or the many others easily found through Google or Bing searches. In this post, I will give you some best practices for selecting a training firm and making the most of your sales training workshops, regardless of the vendor you end up choosing. ... read more

Keys for Choosing Great Sales Consulting Services and Getting the Best Results

Sales Consulting Services... read more

Can You NOT Afford One Day for a Sales Seminar?

Sales seminars prove their value time and time again. Every company should put their sales force through a training, at least once per year. One of the biggest excuses for not doing this is not “we don’t have the money,” but rather “we don’t have the time.” If this is the case for you, can you really afford NOT to take one day per year to get your sales team trained?
Here are some symptoms which indicate the need for sales seminars:... read more

How Sales Keynote Speakers Provide Sales Focus and Motivation Through the Human Touch

Can you win at sales by playing it as a pure numbers game, driven by automated processes, rote scripts, and algorithms which calculate potential win rates? Or is it there more to it? I believe that I and all other sales keynote speakers will agree that the human element comes first, and that without addressing the emotions, dreams, and inspirations of both your buyers and your salespeople, all those tools are for naught.
The best sales keynote speakers inject humanity into their presentations to wake up the emotional brain of the audience. This in turn encourages salespeople to develop their own emotional intelligence and better serve their buyers.
Think of how warm Zig Ziglar’s presentations were while still imparting actionable sales wisdom – he is a perfect example of using the human touch to inspire people to change for the better.... read more

Finding a Keynote Speaker Who Gets Both Sales and Marketing

Traditionally, sales and marketing departments have distinct structures, leadership, budgets, and goals. This can lead to feuds between the two sectors in many companies. Marketers claiming salespeople waste their hard-earned MQLs by not thoroughly following up, and salespeople retort that the leads being handed to them “stink.”
The above image is representative of a more modern look at sales and marketing: two faces of the same construction, perhaps with slightly different viewpoints and with the same overall goal. And that is to drive revenue, the lifeblood of any business, working together as a cohesive unit.
A sales and marketing keynote speaker who understands this and can speak to both audiences can add a lot of value to today’s sales and marketing teams as the traditional lines of demarcation slowly erode.... read more

John Asher Featured Keynote Speaker at NBDA Event

How to be a More Persuasive Business Developer. Neuroscience Sales Techniques that Trigger a Buy Decision

October 16, 2018 | 11:30 am – 1:00 pm... read more

How to Use a Sales Motivational Speaker to Boost Growth Instantly

A sales motivational speaker can inspire and educate an audience, but did you know they can also boost growth and revenue immediately? The trick is to strategize their engagement and the content wisely so the keynote solves pressing problems and in this way maximizes relevance and follow-up by attendees.... read more

Teach Your Sales Team These Two New Marketing Tricks

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. The functions of these departments often overlap, and I have worked with some firms where there is no real distinction – the sales department is the marketing department for all intent and purposes.
That being said, marketing speakers are just as valuable for salespeople as they are for dedicated marketing teams, because it gets them to own the beginning of the funnel and be more proactive in sourcing leads.
Here are two great tips to help your salespeople become better marketers in this digital age.... read more

6 Tips to Choose a Corporate Keynote Speaker to Boost Sales

A great corporate keynote speaker can transform an ordinary seminar or conference into a catalyst for increased sales, but only if you choose the right one. We have all experienced what a poor speaker does to us – it’s a snooze fest and our minds drift to lunch or our cell phones. Not exactly a great ROI on the speaker’s fee. So, event planners need to perform a bit of legwork to ensure a good match and get the biggest sales-boosting bang for the buck.
Here is a roundup of tips compiled from sources across the business world. They offer some food for thought when it comes time for you to book your next corporate keynote speakers.... read more

3 Reasons Your Reps Need to Up Their Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

Emotional intelligence for sales success is no longer a maybe, it is a bona fide requirement for anyone involved in customer-facing positions. We have seen examples of how poor EQ has impacted businesses, such as the Starbucks debacle earlier this year, where the desire to enforce well-meaning corporate policy resulted in the unfortunate arrest of two visitors and enormous public backlash.... read more

What Makes for Great Business Keynote Speakers?

The image on this post shows a thoughtful person – perhaps a scholar. It’s not an image much associated with business keynote speakers, who generally present a somewhat flashy, driven persona. But I think that the best speakers are not necessarily the guys who jump all over the stage in sweaty, religious fervor. I mean, they can be entertaining for sure, but I don’t believe the theatrics are what make them great business keynote speakers.... read more

Using These Four Business Growth Processes Right are the Key to Closing Deals Faster

As you can imagine, there is no single magic bullet to close deals faster, and speed up a company’s growth. Instead, the quest to close deals faster can be accomplished through improvements in several important functions of a business which all dovetail together to boost efficiency in sales and marketing efforts.... read more

Using APQ for Coaching – 3 Great Tips

There’s no doubt the APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment stacks the odds in your favor when selecting qualified sales candidates. It checks the candidate’s scores against the ideal ranges for a wide range of job roles, thus determining suitability for positions such as outside sales hunter, farmer, CSR, or sales manager. This reduces bias in the hiring process and is the recommended scientific approach to sales recruitment.... read more

You CAN change your Emotional Intelligence in Business – Here’s How

The idea of developing emotional intelligence for sales success is gaining traction. Case in point: an article in the March 2018 print edition of Rough Notes Magazine (a leading trade for insurance agents) is titled “The ‘Other’ Intelligence: Why emotional intelligence is topping leaders’ lists of must-have skills.”  In it, writer Kimberley Paterson states “77% of CEOs now see soft skills, like emotional intelligence, as among the most valuable and the hardest to find.”... read more

Was your Sales Training Seminar Successful?

Sales training seminars are indispensable for any sales organization, even one full of seasoned pros. Conventional wisdom notwithstanding, you can teach an old dog new tricks if you motivate it enough. Not to associate canines with salespeople, but you get the idea – everyone benefits from continued education in their craft.... read more

Why Asher Offers the Best Modern Sales Training Seminars

Discuss how the book, focus on old brain and the psychology of selling, and EI impact has revolutionized John’s sales training seminars.Read more

How to Use 15 Shortcuts to Close Deals Faster

Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method is based on 15 tactics which, when utilized together, form a sales methodology which will increase business for any B2B sales operation. The key word in the previous sentence is “utilized,” because if you simply read it and don’t put the precepts into practice, it won’t do much good.... read more

John Asher Featured in MilliOnAir Global Magazine

John Asher was recently featured in December’s issue of MilliOnAir Global Magazine highlighting the Top 10 Skills of Super Sales People.... read more

Client Prospecting: How to Deal with Negative Perception Prospects

An impressive company reputation can grease a closing, making a prospect feel comfortable and know that his business will be in competent hands. What happens, however, when in the midst of client prospecting, you encounter a customer who is cautious or hesitant to engage in negotiations because something has smeared the firm in his eyes?... read more

Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Balanced?

To avoid strife between sales and marketing teams, companies must keep the teams balanced. An equitable distribution of responsibilities, budget, and goals can solve many problems before they start.... read more

ASHER Team Featured on Fox Business

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How to Explode Sales Performance Throughout Your Team

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